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It is one law for him.


But another law for him, even though the weapon was carried openly, was seven times the size of the other ‘weapon’, and was clearly a weapon of aggression!


Seems as though these children of ‘pop stars’ are treated more than leniently because they are so repentant!



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2 thoughts on “Justice is not blind, it is paralysed!

  1. Mike,

    It’s been that way since time immemorial.

    Celebrity and political patronage is a wonder “get-out-of-jail” card.

    It’s right up there with political Correctness and a strong desire NOT to hurt the feelings of certain cultures.

    In the mean time in East London, if you’re a faithful follower of Muhammad you can carry an AK-47 in plain view and the coppers will turn on their heels and walk away.

    Go Figure…………

  2. This appears to be a judgment which has no validity. We know the knife in question is a Swiss Army Knife, we know it was not being used in an offensive manner and we know it is not a lock knife. What we are not told is the blade length but it is probable (being a Swiss Army Knife) that the blade length is within legal limits. If so I cannot see the legality of the magistrates ruling and surely it should be up to her/him to correct this matter without delay. It should also be incumbant on the government/police/judicial bodies to clarify this law for the benefit of the general public.

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