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Why It Will Fail

By ATWadmin On May 7th, 2007

Tomorrow, the biggest insult to the thousands of Protestant and Catholics murdered by the Provisional IRA goes live: the ‘power sharing’ government begins another attempt to govern this most loyal of United Kingdom corners.  My greatest wish is that it will fail and, to be honest, I don’t think I will be disappointed. It may take a few months; it may take a couple of years.  However, in the end, it will collapse (and we’ll have no codswallop about ‘joint authority’, either. Those who use this term most often are the ones who are the least clued up as to its lack of constitutional legitimacy).

It will collapse because it has something missing that is an essential ingredient in all governments: agreement about the territory and the legitimacy of that same territory.  A government that has no loyalty to the territory over which it governs will only be partially successful.  Alternatively, a government that can’t even agree on the existence of the territory in the first place is one destined to be an unmitigated disaster.

I’ll give you examples of both of the above.  The SNP has no loyalty to the United Kingdom.  But its members do sit in the House of Commons because they recognise that the United Kingdom is a constitutional reality underwritten by various tracts of law.  Thus, they have to play their part.  In stark contrast, the IRA still refuses to even acknowledge that Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom.  No government can survive on that type of mindset.

Look at what the Godfather had to say to the Londonderry Journal.  If any democrat needs to appreciate how utterly pointless it is including Provo scumbags in a legislative body, just look at what McGuinness says on the topic of ‘loyalty’:

‘His (Paisley’s) allegiance is to what he refers to as the United Kingdom and my allegiance is to Ireland..’

Nobody is suggesting the Godfather needs to be loyal to the United Kingdom.  Having said that it is a bit rich to expect any government to survive when its second-in-command doesn’t even acknowledge Northern Ireland is within the United Kingdom.  Those exact words were uttered in an interview the Godfather had with the BBC.  For it is common in the Provisional movement to coin certain phrases which are then repeated ad infinitum by the party hierarchy and the morally foetid animals that pass for its supporters.  Back in the 1990s it was ‘all party talks’.  Since then we have seen ‘spooks’, ‘securocrats’ and ‘Unionist death squads’ doing the rounds – all repeated assiduously word-for-word by party members and voters.  Not only are Provo voters/supporters incapable of any decency whatsoever, they are also incapable of individualistic phraseological expression.

There is no ‘British presence in the Six Counties’ (just in case our UPVC ‘Mick’ from Bay Ridge is reading this).  There is just Northern Ireland as an integral part of the United Kingdom – underwritten in law and accepted as fact by the international community.  What always amazes me is those Americans who are pro-republican are those with the least knowledge as to the truty in Ulster.  They are just fed on a diet of anti-Britishness that usually begins at the mother’s tit.  Northern Ireland has just as much right to remain a part of this country as the lands where Native Americans were usurped – to create what is now the contemporary United States – have in remaining in the American Union.  What the Bay Ridge Idiot thinks is unimportant.  What the Godfather thinks, as a Deputy in a devolved administration is rather more telling.  The only way you can starve a mindset like that is to cut off the flow of blood via a hanging noose.

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