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By ATWadmin On May 8th, 2007

Well now, today has panned out as expected with the MSM heavily selling the depravity of power-sharing with terrorists in Northern Ireland as the best way forward. So, let’s party…here’s my choice of song..

"And you may find yourself in a marbled Assembly….

9 Responses to “ATW DAY OF PEACE JUKEBOX….”

  1. Well it can’t be all bad. You could have suggested Psycho Killer.

  2. LOL – Once in a lifetime, a psycho killer…mmmmm

  3. Actually when I first saw the still picture I thought it was Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman’s version of ‘something stupid’

  4. Colm, a travesty of a cover, though I admit I was a little shocked when I learnt at a young age that the original was a duet between father and daughter

  5. Sara

    It’s not that bad a cover I thought, the arrangement and singing is no different from Frank and Nancy’s, although if the latter 2 had acted out the same video as Robie and Nicole that would have been shocking 😉

  6. I love Talking Heads…

    Colm, I agree, the cover of Something Stupid wasn’t too bad. Nicole Kidman’s ability to sing so low was interesting (not sure whether ‘low" is the correct musical term).

  7. So you have impecable taste in rock and roll. Now we need to get you into the the sex and drugs.

    How about a bit of the old heads down no nonsense mindless boogie?

  8. NRG,

    I bougth the single "Head down no nonsense mindless boogie – bang your head on the wall" eons ago! Can’t remember who sang it.

  9. David

    Aparently it was by Alberto Y Los Trios Paranoias.

    Albert and the Paranoid Three – if my translation holds up – which seems like a good caption for some of yesterdays photos.

    I never knew it was actually a song, just a description for the musical stylings of Quo, Budgie, Moterhead, Girlschool, Motleys, Hanio Rocks et al.