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The European Convention on Human Rights aka the Human Rights Act? No thanks, we do not need to part of something that facilitates this madness;

A burglar was let out of jail yesterday because locking him up breached his family’s human rights. In a staggering judgment, the Appeal Court ruled that the rights of Wayne Bishop’s five children were more important than those of his victims or the interests of justice.

MPs said it opened the way to thousands more convicts claiming a ‘get out of jail card’ under the controversial Human Rights Act. Article 8, the right to a family life, has repeatedly been used by foreign criminals to avoid deportation from the UK. But this is believed to be the first time it has been used to let a prisoner walk free from jail.

It is obvious that the Human Rights Act also negates human responsibilities and is thus the Holy Grail of Liberal Utopianism. One could say that the Judges concerned should themselves be sent to jail for their liberal judiciary interpretations of the Human Rights Act but how can a society operate when criminals can claim the HRA as their get out of jail card? No, we need to get OUT of the perversity of European Judicial liberalism before we find our society utterly corrupted and the criminal class elevated into the very model of the modern euro-man.

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  1. The lunatics really have taken over the asylum. I despair for this country, I really do.

  2. The Human Rights Act seems to have established itself as the criminals best friend. Was this intended? If not why is our government not doing something about it? I seem to remember that there were suggestions about how to proceed in the Conservative Manifesto. Is it that the Liberal part of the Coalition still supports the Act or has David Cameron once again forgotten all about it?

  3. Exactly. The Human Rights convention was created in post-war Europe as a noble attempt to stop nation states repeating the abuses of the German Nazi regime. Where it applies in law it should be a high level rarely used mechanism for halting genuine serious abuses of state power against individuals. It should not used as an interfering instrument intruding into every tiny detail of day to day civic and criminal procedures.

    It most certainly should not be allowed to be used as a procedure for defence lawyers to minimise or reduce the sentences for perfectly lawful penalties imposed on criminals who have been convicyed fairly under due process. The Human Rights Act if it remains on our statute book should be brought back into Parliament and amended specifically so that the terms and situations where it can be used are amended and restricted accordingly.

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