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Cronyism and politics are like hand in glove; Consider the new Irish Parliament…

A swathe of government ministers and TDs are employing family members as staff despite pre-election promises to end cronyism. And two ministers have hired two family members each in their departmental staff, the Irish Independent has learned. A survey by this paper found that at least 25 TDs — out of 166 in the Dail — had hired family members.

Despite a Fine Gael pledge to end cronyism, Training and Skills Minister Ciaran Cannon has hired his wife as his secretary and his brother-in-law as one of his drivers. The job of personal secretary to the minister, held by Mr Cannon’s wife Niamh Lawless, comes with a salary of between €23,000 and €47,000. The civilian driver’s post comes with a ¿35,000 salary, and junior ministers are allowed to hire two drivers each. Mr Cannon did not return calls, but during the election campaign he said Fine Gael would “fix our political system and sweep away the culture of cronyism”.

Well, people VOTED for these clowns so they really can’t complain, can they? Here comes the new boss, as crooked as the old boss.

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