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By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

Interesting to read the Governor of the Bank of England criticise Government for its failure to accurately estimate immigrant numbers in the UK. Mervyn King, a relatively mild-mannered man (Who I had the pleasure of meeting some years ago back when he was the Deputy Governor) has warned that the Government’s inability to say exactly how many immigrants are living here is even hindering the Bank’s ability to set interest rates. King is right – there are obvious economic consequences for a nation which either covers up/ denies/  doesn’t know how many people are pouring through its borders. But Labour have proven consistently evasive on this issue – in pursuance of it’s own political agenda of multiculturalism at any price.

The danger is clear.  Starting with the bungled 2001 Census, which is believed to have under-estimated the population by around one million, problems have been compounded by the huge influx of eastern Europeans since the controversial expansion of the EU on May 1, 2004. The Government believes around 600,000 have flooded in – more than 25 times its original estimate – but there is no accurate figure. Ministers also do not know how many are unemployed, as most of the eastern Europeans are not entitled to claim benefits. As a result, the Bank has been left with no idea how many people are living in the country. And, because this means it does not know how many are out of work, this makes it far harder to set interest rates.

And this is what may eventually yet banish these Labour parasites from power. The UK electorate seems lazy on so many big issues, virtually sedated, one could say. And one major reason for this is the superb job the Bank of England has done in controlling interest rates and inflation. That was the one good decision Labour took when it came to power. This resulting economic stability has tended to dominate all other issues.

But thanks to uncontrolled immigration, the economic consequences are now threatening the very effectiveness of the BOE to do its job. Mervyn King makes a timely intervention – but with another wave of Romanian/Bulgarian immigration on the horizon, perhaps it is too late for Labour to solve the huge problem it has brought about?

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