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1860 – Giuseppe Garibaldi, along with around 1,000 volunteers, defeats the vastly superior Neapolitan Army under General Landi at the Battle of Calatafimi.

1918 – Beginning of the world’s first airmail postal service between New York, Philadelphia and Washington. The service involves aircraft supplied by the US War Department.

1928 – Australia begins its now famous ‘Flying Doctor’ service – started by Dr Vincent Welsh at the Australian Inland Mission, Cloncurry, Queensland.

1936 – Pioneer aviator Amy Johnson arrives in Britain at the end of her record-breaking return flight between London and Cape Town. The whole trip took 12 days and 15 hours.

1940 – Nylon stockings go on sale in America. In New York, 72,000 pairs are sold in the first eight hours.

1997 – Britain’s New Labour Government announces there will be referenda on devolution in Scotland and Wales.

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