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Can you imagine five or six policemen entering Buckingham Palace and arresting Her Majesty?  No, neither can I.  The idea itself is soooo in the realms of lunacy as to be instantly dismissed.  Unless you’re Mohammed Al Fayed that is!  The Harrods boss is now calling for the Queen to be questioned over remarks she allegedly made to Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell.

Have you ever seen anything like this bloke?  Convinced, despite several findings to the contrary, that certain members of the Royal Family acted in cahoots with the Intelligence Services to kill Diana and her lover – his son Dodi Al Fayed, this Egyptian loon is determined to ruin the reputation of our Monarch in order to satisfy his own sick interpretation of what was nothing other than a terrible and tragic event.

Let me put it like this.  The laws in this country are made in the name of Her Majesty.  There is no way our judicial system is going to even attempt to call the Queen in for questioning.  To do so would precipitate the most horrendous constitutional scandal.  And for what?  Even if the Queen passed 36 different polygraph tests it still wouldn’t satiate the misplaced lust for revenge this idiot harbours.  Al Fayed has never been able to obtain British citizenship.  It is time the Government went further and expelled his from the UK altogether. A lunatic with money and power no less a lunatic.

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