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Marxism truly softens the brain.

Trevor Phillips, Commissar of the state’s Thought Police, has told Christians that they are failing to integrate into modern society.

I sincerely hope not, because the infantile, brutal and intolerant society made by Comrade Phillips and his kind is in dire need of rescue. I suspect that the heart of his complaint is the “failure” of Christians to bend the knee to Left Wing political intimidation instead. Afterall, when you see state and society as one and the same thing your conclusions will be perverted.

Perhaps this stupid man will one day reflect on the kulturkampf against Christianity, tradition and conservatism and make the connection to the society he sees around him.

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  1. “Trevor Phillips, Commissar of the state’s Thought Police, has told Christians that they are failing to integrate into modern society.”

    perhaps he meant “Muslims” ??
    Certainly an oversight on his part;
    -or was he rather more aware of the potential backlash had he the balls to say so?

  2. If you actually read the whole of his interview it is actually a lot more balanced and reasonable than the eyebrow raising headline regarding Muslims v Christians would imply. I don’t necessarily agree with his belief that Muslims are alrgely trying harder than other groups to integrate – I don’t see that so much myself – but he is right about the militant activism of minority fundamentalist Christians, plus he does actuallu defend the right of Christian and other religous groups to be exempt from equality legislation with regard to selcting their own membership and leadership criteria. On the whole, his views are very balanced and reasonable.

  3. Colm –

    I think you’re falling for his rhetoric. The core of what he says is in his statement: “I think there’s an awful lot of noise about the Church being persecuted but there is a more real issue that the conventional churches face that the people who are really driving their revival and success believe in an old time religion which in my view is incompatible with a modern, multi-ethnic, multicultural society.”

    In other words, they must give way to Left Wing political directives.

  4. Colm,
    You really surprise me.
    You “don’t necessarily agree with…”
    Muslims -the activist extremist ones anyway, are not going to integrate; they are going to subjugate.
    It is Christians and Christian values upon which our whole society is founded..
    NOT Islam, Hinduism, Seikism, etc. etc.
    It was Christianity that shaped this country into the kind of place that all these other folk wanted to come and settle in…
    I have no time for anybody who is paid a whole heap of money to tell us how to be and who to be….
    Let him go find other countries where they have real human rights/equality issues,
    IF he can get the salary to go with it, of course.

  5. I’m watching it on TV

    Tremendous talent – he’s seizing the thing, cool as a cucumber

  6. You could look at as the christians haven’t changed their views at all but secular society has. Thus it is coming increasingly into conflict with what tradtional Christians consider basic morality.

    As opposed to the recent importation of numerous adherents to a religion that has no Romano British roots. Which is in of itself in fundamental disagreement with both Christianity and our more secular standards. Which advocates both moral murder and moral bearing of false witness, together with a zero toleration of other faiths and indeed our cherished tradition of democracy. Which advocates violence and a slavish obedience to that violence, which demeans women and advocates misogynism.

    But to claim the Christians have failed to integrate is factually incorrect. To claim that the Muslims have singularly failed to integrate but largely have no interest in doing so would be factually correct.

    See Mr Phillips…it’s really not that difficult to fix up your little speech now was it.

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