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Monckton’s gone and put his foot in it.

Standing in front of a projection of a swastika next to a quote from Prof Garnaut that read: “The outsider to climate science has no rational choice but to accept that, on the balance of probabilities, the mainstream science is right in pointing to high risks from unmitigated climate change,” he told the audience: “That’s a fascist point of view. “That you merely accept authority without question. Heil Hitler, on we go.”

The Lord (and deputy leader of UKIP) has withdrawn his comments and apologised for his “unparliamentary and unstatesmanlike” opinions. Quite right too, a sensible outcome from which all can learn. I’ll tell you what though, if any scientist tells me I have “no choice” but to accept his opinion as fact, the fascistic tosser can get stuffed.

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6 thoughts on “THEY DON’T LIKE IT UP’EM

  1. The man is a fool and speaks for no-one but himself. I am sure he is an embarrassment to everyone on his side of the debate.

  2. Geoff Watts –

    He might be a fool, but he’s a much less dangerous fool than self-appointed “philosopher ecologists” bossing everyone around.

  3. I would prefer a fool to a liar, any day, and your ‘philospher ecologists’, have collectively been proven as craven liars!

  4. Monckton is a laughing-stock. There are intelligent, well-informed critics of AGW, but this bufoon is not among them. On his travels he frequentlty uses a lectern with a portcullis logo, implying that he sits in the Ouse O Lords. He does not, and never has.

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