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Pity the Swedes! Here’s one of those small stories which are indicative of the twisted mindset of the left.

A pre-school in Sweden has decided to stop calling children ‘him’ or ‘her’ in a bid to stop them falling into gender stereotypes.

The Egalia preschool, in the Sodermalm district of Stockholm, has made the decision as part of the country efforts to engineer equality between the sexes from childhood.

As well as the decision to stop using the words, the taxpayer-funded school also carefully plans the colour and placement of toys and the choice of books to assure they do not fall into stereotypes.

Talk about teachers having too much time on their hands, eh? Iwonder will this uberliberal attitude be applied to the 500,000 Muslims residing in Abbaland? How about in Malmo – destined to be a Muslim majority city in the foreseeable future? Stripping kids of their gender definition and references may get liberal hearts a beating BUT it will ensure that the Swedes meet their Waterloo. My  My..

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  1. “Stripping kids of their gender definition and references may get liberal hearts a beating”

    Nope. That isn’t remotely liberal, it’s just silly.

  2. This is a hate crime directed against their own children.

    For some reason, the Scandinavians are deeply into this kind of thing. Sad.

  3. This isn’t Marxism and I don’t see it as coming out of Marxism much at all.

    This is a new, malignant, freestanding thing.

  4. Pete,
    I’m no fan of Marx but I’m pretty sure that he too would be baffled by this nonsense.

  5. We all know how barbaric are the doctrines of islam so the fate of Malmo is not a pleasant one, but those of judaism, and especially their views on us (the goyim) are an even greater threat because of their immense influence and, dare one say, control in western countries. Here are some things which most of you have not seen before so, whilst I support the existence of a national state for jews, why are so many of them (exceptions: Barry Goldwater, Aaron Russo, Sir James Goldsmith and others) so hell-bent on destroying mine.


    Read page 12 of 94 – a prescient warning


    Jews leading Europe into multi-culturism i.e. destruction of Europeans in Europe (no question – it’s happening). This explains who are bringing muslims into Europe. After all, if muslims weren’t here, there would be no muslim problem. The problem has to be created in order for the solution to be imposed on everybody – classic marxism.


    Christians as enemies of Jews – this is gratuitously offensive and, had it been on Iranian TV, you’d never have heard the end of it.

    And once you’ve seen what’s in the talmud, the koran is mild in comparison.

  6. This has nothing to do with Marxism, cultural or otherwise. The folks in the Swedish playgroup came up with this one by themselves, with major input from post-hippy 1970s ideology.

  7. This pc nonsense becomes more extreme by the month. On Friday I was listening to Catriona Ruane (Shinner ex-education minister) talking about the importance of the “police ombuds office”. She could not bring herself to utter the word “ombudsman”. In the same way, woe betide anyone who fails to use the politically correct term “chair” and instead uses the more accurate “chairman” or “chairwoman”.

  8. Noel Cunningham –

    You can’t get more Cultural Marxism than this gender theory weirdness.

  9. If so, it’ll be more than easy for you to point to where “Cultural Marxism” promoted the concept.

  10. And Cultural Marxism is very different to actual Marxism in the same way that Cultural Liberalism is very different to Economic Liberalism.

  11. Noel Cunningham –

    Of course we go back to Gramsci, the Frankfurt School and British Culture Studies as advanced by the Birmingham School.

    At the root of this question is Gramsci’s idea that the ruling intellectual and
    cultural forces of any era constitute a form of hegemony, or domination by ideas and
    cultural forms “that induce consent to the rule of the leading groups in a society”.

    He reasoned societies establish male dominance through the institutionalising of male supremacy in both the public and private sphere. Marxists still believe this stuff:


    We’re now in the realm of “gender suppression”, which the Swedes have been into for some time as a means of neutralising male supremacy. It’s not only there of course, a couple of years ago a pair of feminist academics urged the Dept of Education here to use schools to eradicate maleness from the culture.

    As I say, Marxism rots the mind.

  12. OK, you’ve proven that Marxism is agaist oppression of women. Well done.

    Now tell us how the Frankfurt or Birmingham schools taught that we should eradicate gender identity among the young, as you claimed.

  13. One of these Scandinavian countries, I cannot remember which one, tried, for gender equality purposes, to get men to sit down to pee. Of course they could have tried to get women to stand up but the whole idea fizzled out. Still, someone gets these silly ideas.

  14. Allan,
    Silly old me!
    All these years I’ve thought it started with rich Arabs buying into London, and our political/economic dependence on (especially) Saudi Arabian oil, as well as their purchase of British armaments
    (in readiness for their eventual subversion of the UK.)
    I thought it was the Saudi Arabian brand of Islam that was steadily undermining the Christian West…

    I was manifestly wrong!
    It’s the Jews.
    My own relatives are plotting my downfall.. 🙁

  15. Well, at least we can rest assured that those Scandinavians are having no truck with conservative Islam or the “Islamification of Europe” that we otherwise see all around us.

    That’s something, eh?

  16. Oh sod off, go look yourself. Here’s a clue, look up Fromm and Gayle Rubin.

    I sense a defensive about you Noel. It reminds me of the time you pretended that border guards opened Berlin Wall crossing points out of the goodness of their hearts and not because of the massed thousands in front of them.

    You’re not good at hiding these things.

  17. David, this ridiculous story of Swedish Maypoles/Mayholes seems a fitting accompaniment for your post.

  18. It is remarkably politically immature to label anything one doesnt like as eminating from the left or liberalism. It is the equivalent of labelling something ignorant and vulgar as being part of Conservatism i.e. it may occasionally or possibly mostly be true, but it is not universally the case. Stupid can stand on it’s own sometimes. In many cases, that is the trait that marks stupid out from the rest of us. “The Left” or “Liberalism” just seems to be a handy catch-all for the uninformed.

  19. I never said anything of the sort (BerlinWall), and your inaccuracy about these things is no doubt a continuation of your general inaccurate form.

  20. “Male and female” are two very different aspects of not only humanity but also much of the animal kingdom. If anything, we should be trying to find stronger words to differentiate and separate the two genders, rather than trying to negate the differences and assimilate them into a sexless, meaningless lump. Male is male, and female is female, and any attempt to mix them up or falsely attribute the aspects of one to the other, is a perverted deviance.

  21. >>Male is male, and female is female, and any attempt to mix them up or falsely attribute the aspects of one to the other, is a perverted deviance.<<

    Just don't let David here you say that.

    ("I think it it time that the US had it’s second woman President, after Jimmy Carter trailblazing the role so successfully")

  22. Ah. I will try not to let David hear my view.
    Although, having said that, there is a view pertaining in some circles, (though it has not as yet gained wide acceptance) that President Carter was, in fact, a man of the male gender. (I stress that I am only repeating what I have heard on certain tinfoil-hat youtube postings, and I do not personally associate myself with, nor subscribe to this opinion).

  23. I believe Percy Sledge is going to re-record his classic song for the benefit of our modern era. It is going to be called “When a non-gender specific person loves a non-gender specific person…

    Trips off the tongue doesn’t it ?

  24. ABBA means father, so are they going to have to change the name of their most famous supergroup to be gender neutral?

  25. Sone of their songs would need changing too. for example ,Mamma Mia and Does Your mother know ?

    I guess Dancing Queen remains ambiguous enough to pass the gender neutral test 🙂

  26. LOL, Colm

    >>I guess Dancing Queen remains ambiguous enough<<

    leading thus to "Take A Chance On Me"

  27. Indeed Agit – silly old you! Perhaps you should watch the videos and then tell me which parts of what was said were not really said.

  28. I think Allan should be commended for coming out of the anti-semitism closet, he flirted with it for so long an has now finally emerged as a full-blown batshit crazy lunatic.

  29. He’s been an open Holocaust denier for a few months now. Given all the conspiracy theories that he does believe in I suppose it would have been remarkable if he weren’t an anti-semite.

  30. I agree. It’s obscene and insane, but at least he’s honest. The same or similar sentiments are not far below the surface with others here, but they’re too chicken to break the taboo.

    That his remarks have for so long gone without censure by all but your good self tells all you need to know about folks who would otherwise be falling over themselves to cry “anti-semite”

  31. Hmm . . . anti-semitism? It doesn’t mean the same thing as being opposed to the clique of jewish ‘intellectuals’ who wish to destroy the very countries in which they live. I’ve posted a few links which back my argument and not one – not even a single one – point of dispute has been raised, so you play the man instead. I’ve linked to reports which came out of Russia in 1919 in which “nationless Jews” are creating all manner of mayhem within the Russian nation, linked to how one of these nationless jews is engineering the importation into Sweden of islam, and then shown quite clearly how Israeli Jews openly mock and despise Christianity. If this had been on Iranian TV, we’d all know about it.

    When the term ‘nationless Jew’ came to my notice a couple of days ago, it evoked the Millibands (originally from Poland but do they show any link to Poland – none whatsoever, yet I know Scots of Polish origin who keep their cultural links), Jack Straw whose constituency is almost muslim-majority, Job Cohen who is islam’s facilitator in Rotterdam, Rahm Emmanuel (he’s not nationless, but he puts another country ahead of the US).

    What’s ironic is that Israelis are now getting themselves US and European passports as ‘insurance’: but their co-religionists in the US and Europe are busily making these places uninhabitable not just for the indigenous, but also for the settled Jews (see the video from Sweden, but especially in France) and any Jewish returnees.

    As I wrote previously, many Jews know what’s going on and oppose it: many others don’t so out come the usual epithets.

  32. Allan, some Jews are evil and others are saints; some are into finance and some are into fun, some are criminals while some are philantropists, some want to take over the world and some want to raise their families in peace.
    i.e. they are like everyone else.

  33. The happy-clappy stuff doesn’t hold the line in this case. It is now clear that supremacist Jews hold disproportionate and malign power in the west which was acquired through their control of money. Certainly some gentiles went along with it for their own enrichment, but what is shown below is no coincidence.

    Who Controls the Federal Reserve System? (Part 1)

    Of the six(6) Federal Reserve Board governors, four(4) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 67%. Of the twelve(12) Federal Reserve District Bank presidents, seven(7) are Jews. This is a numerical representation of 58%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors by a factor of 33.5 times(3,350 percent), and over-represented among the Federal Reserve District Bank presidents by a factor of 29 times


    Of the fifty-one(51) senior executives of the major Wall Street banks, trade exchanges, and regulatory agencies, thirty-seven(37) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 72%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major Wall Street banks, trade exchanges, and regulatory agencies by a factor of 36 times

  34. Allan,
    Could it not just be the case that because, traditionally, Jewish people were forced to work in finance (i.e. banned from the professions), the talented ones excel especially in this area?

  35. No – the media and news outlets are also controlled by the same group. This is why there is no real reporting in the news on the ripping out of Main Street by the Wall Street criminals.

    Who Controls Television?

    Of the sixty-four(64) senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies, fifty-seven(57) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 89%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television broadcast networks, cable networks, and production companies by a factor of 44.5 times

    Who Controls the News? (Part 1)

    Of the sixty-seven(67) senior executives of the major television and radio news networks, forty-seven(47) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 70%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the major television and radio news networks by a factor of 35 times

    Who Controls Big Media?

    Of the twelve(12) senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations, ten(10) are Jews or have Jewish spouses. This is a numerical representation of 83%. Jews are approximately 2% of the U.S. population.* Therefore Jews are over-represented among the senior executives of the “Big Six” media corporations by a factor of 41.5 times.

    However it is noted that Rupert Murdoch’s mother is Jewish and that the Jewish lineage is traced through the mother’s line – so the above should actually be 100% of the executives of the big six media outlets are Jewish. Can this be chance or coincidence? Is it because of these figures that real items relevant to the suppression of criminal investigations are simply not seen on the ‘mainstream’? How about the case of ‘the dancing Israelis’?

  36. This is cretinous, disproportionate representation by different ethnic groups in particular professions is the norm in every sector and every country on the planet.

    In the UK South Asians dominate the small retail sector, using your “logic” this is evidence that they are conspiring against the white majority.

    Furthermore when the ethnic dis-proportionality works out in ways that non white gentiles don’t do so well- for example the considerable over-representation of blacks in crime statistics- you are the first to reject the notion that it is the result of systematic bias (instead preferring things like IQ differences as an explanation).

    Your methods of supporting your conclusions are wildly inconsistent and depend entirely on how best to make out white gentiles to be the victims of sinister behaviour by other races.

  37. Again, don’t you think Jewish people gravitating towards the media and the entertainment world could simply be down to the traditional Jewish love of oral and written communication?

    It’s like us paddies. Don’t you ever wonder if the disproportionate number of Irish correspondents on BBC news (and ITN) is down to a sinister hibernian plot to destroy Mother England?

  38. This is such rubbish Allan!
    I know lots of Jewish people who are involved in the most mundane of occupations as well as the arts and sciences. That some can be a bit suspicious or paranoid towards us goyim is somewhat understandable given the way we sharpened up our “antisocial behavioural” skills on them for about 2000 years.
    Otherwise all this stuff is crap and you really need to get yourself a good psychiatrist.
    Otherwise you will end up blogging from a very secure hospital instead of an attic in old Aberdeen..
    (cue for a song?!)


  39. MR, actually the traditional tendency towards such diverse activities as law and literature among the Irish has many parallels and similar social origins as among Jews in Europe (and the US?)

  40. Noel,
    Good point.

    I have met Jewish people with no sense of humour, Germans with great sense of humour (honestly!), friendly Frenchmen, numerous Irish people who don’t touch alcohol, generous Scots and a boring Brazilian.

    You shouldn’t stereotype or judge people without knowing them. That’s what they do in Russia.

  41. Oh dear – once again you fail to dispute the facts, and I have attached the facts. You are of course invited to dispute the facts as, after all, the whole point of this site is to engender the kind of debate which we don’t get in the tightly-controlled ‘mainstream’.

    So, which facts would you dispute? How about the facts of the ‘ethnicity’ (inverted commas because, to me and by visual inspection, Jews are obviously white Europeans – but they don’t consider themselves to be white Europeans) of those who control the finances, politics and media of the US.

    Then there is the rather sinister matter of the Dancing Israelis (that’s not a boy band) who were arrested whilst celebrating the destruction of the twin towers and, after somehow being released from custody, stated that they were there “to report the event”. How did they know that there was to be an ‘event’? It’s all there – just watch it. Btw, had you previously been aware of the Dancing Israelis?

  42. Mourne – that answer doesn’t cut it. I’ve attached links which display facts or at least ‘facts’ as I would argue them to be. As per my response to Agit, I would ask you to show me that Jews don’t dominate the US media, banking, financial and legal fields. I would ask you to provide an explanantion as to why 5 Israelis would be arrested whilst celebrating the destruction of the twin towers, get released then return to Israel and claim that they were there only “to report the event”. How did they know about the imminent ‘event’? Did you know of these ‘Dancing Israelis’?

  43. “As per my response to Agit, I would ask you to show me that Jews don’t dominate the US media, banking, financial and legal fields.”

    You have proven no such thing.

    “I would ask you to provide an explanantion as to why 5 Israelis would be arrested whilst celebrating the destruction of the twin towers”

    I heard about that nonsense years ago. There is no substance to it and it was easily debunked in a BBC documentary about 9/11 a long time ago.

  44. Paraphrase – “Jews don’t dominate media, finance, banking and legal fields because my government tells me so”. Yeah, whatever.

    Jews do indeed dominate the fields of media, finance, banking, law and non-scientific academia and, for the first four at least, I posted links to support my argument. You, MourneReg, produced nothing to dispute my assertions – but, of course, making such assertions is of itself racist regardless of their veracity. How 1984 of you!

    On the Dancing Jews, show me the ‘debunking’.

  45. Allan,
    you are forgetting that a sibling of mine converted to Judaism, I have lived in Israel myself and met many of my Jewish in laws. Even though there are bad Jews, I LIKE Jewish people. They have had a rough time through no fault of their own -not to mention the Holocaust.
    And whether it’s six million or two million, to kill ONE Jew for being a Jew is pure wickedness..
    I fear you are losing sight of your own humanity Allan.

  46. One of the great laughs of ATW is my slow but sure provocation of Allan that has exposed him as a conspiracy nut (harmless in and of itself) who happens to be a barnyard crazy anti-semite of cartoonish proportions.

  47. “Btw, had you previously been aware of the Dancing Israelis?”

    Yes, and unsurprisingly it has already been debunked:

    Amazingly Mossad didn’t launch a false flag attack of enormous sophistication in the largest city of their strongest ally and then send a groupd of 20 something men to film it whilst dancing in a manner that would draw attention to themselves.

  48. It is right to debunk these breathless internet conspiracy theories, but the folks who traffic in them, like our Allan, aren’t into the truth.

    They keep quiet for 24 hours after having their arguments demolished, then step right back into the misinformation saddle the next day.

  49. Phantom- you’re right, and the thing is most people don’t have the time to search out all the debunkings.

    Although this one was especially silly- a top secret mission to film 9/11 sent a big group of young guys who start celebrating in front of the camera as they film it!!!

    It would be like issuing them with “Mossad Undercover” T-Shirts to wear.

  50. That has debunked sfa. Seriously, is that the ‘debunking’? It’s utterly pathetic. No wonder the authorities and the dupes don’t want a full investigation into the events of 9/11. I

    I watched that slow-moving piece of misspelt nonsense to see what is on offer as the ‘debunking’, and nothing was debunked. The statements by the witness to the Israelis’ celebrations, and by the Israelis themselves are matters of record and are linked in a previous post: far more compelling than that sophomoric effort, it must be said.

  51. ( I shudder to ask, but I must )


    Who do you think was responsible for the events of 9/11?

    No need for a long response – it’s just you and me – and none of this ” well we have to do an investigation ” jazz.

    Let it all out.

  52. Agit – you’ve refused to engage once again. Nothing which I’ve written nor any of the content of any of the links which I put forward to back my argument has been challenged by you, but you did write:
    “And whether it’s six million or two million, to kill ONE Jew for being a Jew is pure wickedness..”

    I disagree. To kill thousands is obviously far more wicked than killing one – but let’s turn that around and view it through the lens of Jewish scripture. Do you know what is said about the goyim (interchangeable term for non-Jews and animals)?

    “To communicate anything to a goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if they knew what we teach about them they would kill us openly.” – Libbre David 37.

    “A Jew should and must make a false oath when the goyim asks if our books contain anything against them.”-Szaaloth-Utszabot, The Book of Jore Dia 17.

    “The Jews are human beings , but the nations of the world are not human beings but beasts.”-Baba Mecia 114, 6 [i.e.: 114b].

    “Jehovah created the non-Jew in human form so that the Jew would not have to be served by beasts. The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and commanded to serve the Jew day and night.” – Midrasch Talpioth, p225-L.

    As soon as the King Messiah will declare himself, He will destroy Rome and make a wilderness of it. Thorns and weeds will grow in the Pope’s palace.
    Then He will start a merciless war on non-Jews and will overpower them. He will slay them in masses, kill their kings and lay waste the whole Roman land. He will say to the Jews:’I am the King Messiah for whom you have been waiting. Take the Silver and Gold from the Goyim.'” – Josiah 60, 6 Rabbi Abarbanel to Daniel 7, 13.

    “A Gentile girl who is three years old can be violated.”- Aboda Sarah 37a.


  53. So Allan, the fact that the source for the claim that the Israelis had set themselves up to film the attack in advance, actually shows the opposite- that they began filming after the attacks had begun (like tens of thousands of other people) doesn’t debunk the claim.

    Hmmm, it’s almost as though you have no interest in the truth.

  54. I looked into the provenance of these quotes that purport to come from the Talmud. They are often repeated on some very unpleasant websites (my search history makes for interesting reading).
    Not surprisingly they are a hotch-potch of fabrications, distortions and partial quotes. Many of these passages cite books that don’t exist, others are not from the Talmud at all.
    Some of them appear to be partial quotes.
    What this demonstrates is two important issues. Firstly referencing material from the Internet is very dangerous. Anyone can put up a site, fill it with credible looking content and then watch while people with an agenda use it for their own purposes. These so-called quotes appear to fall into that category.
    The second issue is the danger of quoting religious texts out of context. You can usually find pretty much whatever you want in most texts. The Old Testament has some fairly strong stuff in it, likewise the Koran. Even the New Testament can be used in ways that appear to distort it’s core message.
    Selective quoting is a very useful technique to make your chosen target look in whatever light you wish them to appear. The defence against that does not appear to be very strong – taking out of context or partial quoting.
    The reality is that almost all religious texts are problematic and often self-contradictory.

  55. “On the Dancing Jews, show me the ‘debunking’.”

    Thankfully Ross bothered himself to call your bluff.

    “Jews don’t dominate media, finance, banking and legal fields because my government tells me so”. Yeah, whatever.”

    LOL! I think it’s safe to say that the Irish Govt have made no pronouncements on Jewish people dominating any industry.

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