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If a State cannot control its borders and who it lets reside within them – it is less than a State. Tragically, such is the dire state we now find ourselves in…

Britain’s powerlessness to control who has the right to be in this country was glaringly exposed last night by two extraordinary cases. In the first, an anti-Semitic preacher of hate whom the Home Secretary had banned from entering Britain was able to stroll in through Heathrow. Last night, Raed Salah was giving a lecture organised by Islamist radicals to a large crowd in Leicester, and today he was due to speak at Westminster at the invitation of Left-wing Labour MPs. In the second, a bombshell ruling by European judges blocked the deportation of some 200 Somali criminals back to their homeland. The Strasbourg court said the men, including drug dealers and serial burglars, might be persecuted in war-torn Somalia, and that they must be allowed to stay to protect their human rights.

So, Jew-hating Islamic fanatics and Somalian criminals – all welcome in the UK in 2011.

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8 thoughts on “A LAND WITHOUT BORDERS…

  1. Hardly welcome in the UK, – more a case of welcome in the EU, – as long as they stay in that refugee camp situated in the NOrth Sea and conveniently far away from Brussels, and all those places where the eurocrats live…

  2. Things like this have been going on for quite a while. Is it not time to face up to the reality that this is deliberate policy? After all, if the government wanted to stop these affronts, it would do so and take back the necessary powers to do so.

  3. What the ECHR is saying is that any Somali who reaches these shores has a right to be allowed to live here and enjoy our welfare benefits. In fact, I thought that any asylum seeker must claim asylum in the first safe haven he enters. Am I wrong in this?

    In regards to the Anti Semitic who had been banned from entry one has to ask are our controls on entry rigid enough? It appears not.

    Overall David is right. We cannot control our boundaries and I see no reason why the ECHR should assume that they can. We need to tell the ECHR where to go and once more govern ourselves.

  4. What about the borders of this site, Allan’s come out of the closet as a raving anti-Semite?

  5. Mahons,

    And so have several others! I suppose you are trying to say that a difference of opinion, even when expressed in debateable format, represents some sort of cultural or philosophical border comment should only be allowed after being approved by ‘the luvvies’.

    We all saw the way the bigots hounded Andrew into silence, – such is the so-called ‘liberal’ form of free speech.

  6. A raving anti-semite? On the recent discussion on Jewish influence/control over the US, you did not once attempt any challenge to anything which I put forward as ‘fact’. That there is Jewish control of the US is probably unchallengeable, otherwise my assertions and supporting evidence would have been challenged hence the resort to insult.

    On the particular matter of immigration of undesirables and criminals, they should not be getting in. As I pointed out before, allowing muslims into the west causes disruption and will lead to violence, particularly against settled Jews. So who lets the muslims in? Here’s who lets them into Sweden, and I have no doubt that the same ideologues are doing likewise in this country:


    I wonder if this evil bitch is related to Arlen Spectre, the inventor of the ‘magic bullet’?

  7. I did respond to yr post on supposed quotations. Many of them appear to be of questionable authenticity. As for the somewhat dubious site you cite as evidence of some Jewish cabal controlling the upper echelons of US society, well it maybe correct, but looking at some of the sources the site uses (Illuminati News for example) I wonder if it is sufficiently impartial to be trusted. Personally I do not think it is a reliable source.

  8. If a ‘dubious’ (well – it’s ‘dubious’ if it disagrees with you) site carries information which is almost certainly factually correct, it doesn’t make the information factually incorrect. The link which I posted above shows what is going on in Sweden and who is behind it. Exactly what is the purpose of Barbara Spectre in Sweden?

    Here is the real President of America addressing Congress earlier this year and getting 29 (twenty-nine) standing ovations – very similar to what Stalin got at the People’s Congress. A total sham and an embarrassment:

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