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This is a fascinating statistic in my view;

Ireland’s population has grown by over 220,000 people in the last five years despite emigration due to the recession, the latest Census shows. The Central Statistics Office will today publish the first results from the 2011 Census of Population held on April 10 last. Two million households took part in the survey which was managed by over 4,800 Census Enumerators who delivered, explained, and collected the forms. The last Census, in 2006, revealed record population growth and almost 4.25m people living in Ireland. However, since then the country has undergone a dramatic economic collapse as well as a reversal of migration trends.

So, as the Irish economy sinks in the mire, the population booms. I suppose it passes an idle hour but without economic growth, who pays for this boom? Then there is the pesky question as to who exactly is having all these babies and for what reason. It’s strange to see a country that is hemorrhaging jobs, in fiscal penury, having a population increase. I suspect that the figures require more detailed scrutiny. With falling national revenue, with fewer jobs, with more cuts to come, how can Ireland afford this?

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5 thoughts on “GROWTH IN RECESSION..

  1. It’s not just in Ireland: there’s a baby-boom here in the debt-mired, recession-hit UK. Questions are – who are having the babies, and who pay for them to have their babies? It is noteworhy that the PC-addled BBC does not attempt to address either of these important questions.


  2. The little brats aren’t being produced by the Dublin elite Allan@Aberdeen.

    More than likely they’ll be the product of one-night-stands by the low-lifes who are sucking the fiscal blood out of the country.

    Like maggots on a dead body they’re surely going to eat away at what’s left of the country’s moral and economic infrastructure leaving nothing but the bleached bones of Mise Eire.

  3. “pass an idle hour” David !!!!

    Can we have your secret or is it the air or water in Donacloney.

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