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Wonder what you make of this story?

A Nigerian mother who flew into Britain when she learned she was pregnant and had quintuplets has cost taxpayers an estimated £200,000. The health tourism row erupted after it emerged Bimbo Ayelabola, 33, has asked the Home Office for a six-month extension of her visa which expired last Monday. She claims that the children – boys Tayseel and Samir, and girls, Aqeelah, Binish and Zara – are too fragile to take back to Nigeria.

She SHOULD be deported forthwith and whoever let her in should be sacked. Or sent to Nigeria.

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  1. The caesarian operation wouldn’t have been carried out by the former torturer employed by Saddam Hussein, would it? If so, it would have been a very good piece of ‘joined-up thinking’ in the mode of Blair, Brown and Cameron.

    Btw, does anybody reckon that she and her brood actually will be returned home?

  2. Homerton Hospital? I’m surprised she didn’t think she was back in Nigeria when she arrived.

    Courts, Left Wing lawyers, the Human Rights Act, a pro-Human Rights Act government … they’ll be going nowhere.

    In 20 years time they’ll have cost us millions, stabbed a few passers by and multiplied again.

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