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Last Friday, our brown-topped Garden Refuse Wheelie bins went un-emptied. Not in itself, a great mishap, or even a problem, except for those of my neighbours whose bins were full. No word came around as to the non-appearance of the ‘Brown Bin Men’, they just didn’t turn up. So Saturday morning, most of us hopefuls left our waste bins out, possibly because when they have missed a scheduled day before, sometinmes they ‘catch up’ on the Saturday; but again, the horizon was empty of happy, co-ordinated ‘brown bin men’!

But Monday morning, at approximately 07.20 in the morning, the revving of the truck, and the happy calls of the ‘brown bin men’ were heard in our small close in a Durham City suburb; but they were not heard for long, because no-one anticipated their return, so nobody’s bins were on the pavements ready for the auto-pick to chuck the leaves and grass into the jaws of the truck. I estimate the truck and the workforce were in our close for around two minutes!

So, incensed and cheesed at the sheer incompetence of the waste of time and fuel, along with the fact that our bins were still not emptied, Tuesday morning saw me write a strong e-mail to the County Council regarding the whole shambles.

I got a reply by phone, promising that the complaint would be sent to the Refuse Department, and I would receive a response!

And a response I did get, but not the kind of response I imagined, because some clown reckoned that I would stir things further, and this morning, first thing, diverted the Waste removal truck past my home, and emptied my bin, and my bin alone!

They must really be hugging themselves with delight in the Rubbish Removal Department of Durham County Council this morning! A problem solved, a complainant mollified! 

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One thought on “Bureaucratic Lunacy

  1. If you like refuse related hilarity then just you wait till we’re charged by the Kilo (natch) to dispose of our general refuse. They’ll be yet more people fly tipping and putting rubbish into their neighbours bins sneakily under cover of darkness etc. It’s going to be a ‘target rich environment’ for idiocy.
    Coming soon to a council near you.

    Me I’m buying a garden incinerator if the EU muppets do impose it on us. Then I’ll find a way to dispose of the ashes..

    My favourite one is to mail them back to the junk mail senders in their own prepaid envelopes.

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