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Yesterday, it was reported that the government has granted citizenship to over a million immigrants since 1997. However, while Labour can’t wait to bend over backwards to grant citizenship or permanent residence to terrorists, criminals, and those who seek to subvert or take over British society, there is one person who is, it seems, very definitely persona non grata in the UK.

His name is Tul Bahadur Pun. He is an 84 year old former Gurkha, who won the Victoria Cross for bravery in the service of this country during World War Two. Now in rapidly failing health, he wishes to move to Britain to gain access to superior medical treatment than that available to him in Nepal. The government however – the same government that has allowed millions upon millions of people into this country since 1997 – refuses to grant him the right to enter.

Now, I am as strongly opposed to mass immigration as anyone. But this loyal old soldier is hardly the kind of immigrant who poses the slightest threat to Britain. And it cannot be denied that we owe him a great debt of gratitude. He should certainly be allowed in, unlike the vast majority of the millions that the government actually has let in.

And, as a final point, what does it say about us as a nation, that while we deny entry into our country to a man who risked his life defending our country, we not only allow such sworn enemies of Britain as Anjem Choudhary and Abu Izzadeen to live here freely, but also hand over thousands of pounds of our money to them each year in state benefits?

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10 thoughts on “One immigrant the government won’t let in

  1. This is despicable!!!

    The only (cynical) reason I can see for his denial is that instead of being able to support the continuence of the UK’s vast social welfare system like younger immigrants can, he would be pulling dollars out of it due to his age and health.

    Socialism is sweet, heh?

  2. He should start making anti-British speeches and denouncing evil Western Imperialism. He’ll then be fasttracked into the UK and given every financial health and housing assistance he needs.

  3. It says nothing about us as a nation. It appears to be yet another case of an administrative jobsworth rather than a straight refusal. He has been asked to resubmit his application, provided with a lawyer to assist him, and asked for his medical requirements – With his case raised in the MSM he should make it through.

    This is part of an ongoing review of 25 000 men. The Ministry of Defence maintains that all gurkhas who retired or were made redundant before 1997 were either given lump sum payments or pensions that reflected the local standard of living and do not need to be included in the review.

    The review has been going on into the terms and conditions of soldiers who joined up after 1997 — when the gurkhas’ headquarters moved to Britain after Hong Kong was handed back to China — an estimated 25,000 living in Nepal have been ignored.

    "Many are elderly, disabled and living in abject poverty. These are the people who at the moment have nothing to gain from the review yet are perhaps those who need it the most," said The Independent newspaper report called Gurkhas: The Forgotten Veterans.

    The Gurkha Army Ex-Servicemen’s Association invited an international team, including three British lawyers, to interview more than 100 former soldiers for the report.

    Ian Macdonald, QC, one of the lawyers who spent a week in Nepal 2005, said, "These people should not have to depend on charitable funds, which essentially keep them from starvation in some cases. This is a diminishing group who have been left in the lurch."

    Far from ignoring them there is an enormous campaign in motion to overcome this.

  4. Bloody typical. Veterans have always been treated badly in this country. Many old soldiers find it difficult to return to civilian life, and little is done to help them. Although Gulf War Syndrome was acknowledged in America, it took the British Government years longer to admit there was anything of the kind, even though huge numbers of veterans had bad health. The same goes for ex-servicemen from the Christmas Island atomic bomb tests. The official position being it was mere coincidence that so many of them died young from cancer. The Gurkhas historically have been treated with contempt. I think it does reflect on us as a country. It’s a f****** disgrace.

  5. Juan could cry at this, it makes him ashamed of his country, we will give medical treatment on the house, free legal representation, a free house, and all the bounty of our most generous social security to people who despise us and openly say it, to lollygaggers and layabouts and the dross of other nations (as the Polish PM admited) Yet a hero of our people and a man whom we should bow down to in humbble graditute is ignored, or at best treated to cold administration that would (and has when they can represent antibritish cultures) have all these equlity groups hopping mad where are the immigrant rights groups ? are they not interested as he would count as a brit rather than another point for the cultural revolution ? where is the Gareth Peirce Brigade and all those who would brow beat us into becoming a welfare centre for peoples of failed cultures ? why do they cry their humanity so loudly for people who, given their opinions of our nation and our history, scarce deserve our help, whilst our very Brothers langish with no help, the Algerians have finally got justice from the frogs, are we to sink lower than France ?

    Full British Citizenship for all Gurkas and their families now, deport x number of somalians,turks and
    Nigerians to make room for x amount of gurkas.

  6. Of course this is shocking. But what I find even more worrying is that here appears to be no way that we can bring these stupid decision makers to account.

  7. Our government – of whichever shade of stupid they may be, are totally beneath contempt.

    Is there any department or sphere of activity in which they have been involved, that has not ended up as farce or imbecility.

    Surely in an instance such as this, there should have been someone in the MoD who could stand up for these faithfull servants of the Crown – what is that ‘much beloved’, but totally undeserving, Head of State doing – that is if she even knows about it.

    Surely if she is the sort of person whom we are told she is, she has the influence to correct this injustice. After all, it is in her name that such ‘jobsworth’s’ get there honours at the end of their sinecures.

    Maybe she really is just another monument to a past, when Britain was truly Great, and just about as ineffectual and inanimate as any other monument.

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