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Family memories: Mary Travers’ graduation portrait

Paul Travers, the brother of young Mary murdered by the IRA gang that included Mary McArdle now in high office care of Sinn Fein at Stormont, has this to say in the press;

We were brought up in a Christian environment. Family was everything. We were taught to love our neighbours, as ourselves. This meant cherishing the lives of others and respecting their right to express themselves and go about their own business.

Only God had the right to take a life. God had no time for the Armalite and the ballot box. In any event, the concept didn’t make sense. Pope John Paul II had told us, on his bended knees, that murder was murder. It was profoundly effecting on me when a family friend from Sandy Row presented us with a plate commemorating the Pope’s visit.

The “peace-makers” within the IRA and Sinn Fein never saw it this way. In their world it was right to carry out cowardly murders against defenseless people.

It became more and more apparent as I grew up, that they believed one rule should apply to them and another for the rest of us. Their cold-hearted callousness horrified me. The Kingsmill massacre, if undertaken in Bosnia or Libya would surely rank as a crime against humanity.

When my dad accepted appointment as a Resident Magistrate in 1979, he had to stop attending his beloved Thursday night novena at the Clonard Monastery on the Falls Road. I noted later that Gerry Adams mentioned how much he, himself, liked to attend.

Make sure you read all Paul has to say, it is so terribly moving. It was a terrible crime that the IRA committed when they killed his sister Mary and yet, unbelievably, those behind it have been rewarded. In Murder Inc sadly that is how it works. As Paul Travers says, there are no murals dedicated to his sister, unlike the many to the TERRORIST scum that carried out these atrocities. We live in a fallen world and some of the lowest are now elevated to the highest parts of our society. We will reap what we sow.

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18 thoughts on “HAPPIER DAYS….

  1. Troll,
    I agree with you, but their supporters will continue to refer to them as “freedom fighters.”
    Intimidation and fear will continue to corrupt true democracy and free speech where these guys are concerned.
    And for a bit of balance, there were/are some on the Loyalist side too.

  2. “Murder was murder”

    But not in ATW world where some victims have a higher status than others.

    You don’t do requests do you David?


  3. Paul,
    I knew you would add your thoughts, but let’s not go down that road again..

  4. Nice bit of moral equivalence David

    I have absolutely no problem in condemning IRA atrocities like Mary Travers, Enniskillen etc. Unlike you my definition of innocent victims is not subjectively confined to one section of the community.

    Why not Agi? Am I not entitled to my opinions as much as you?

  5. Of course you are Mr Mahons, sir.
    But if you cast your mind back a few months, we’ve been through all this before.
    I understand that both sides have done things to be ashamed of.
    I disagree with the Orange Marches etc.,
    I believe that Sinn Fein and the IRA are guilty of murder, intimidation and corruption of the democratic process.
    they didn’t win because they were right, they won because the British government caved in to terrorism.

  6. Yeah we have been through it before Agi but every time someone selectively brings up the victims issue I will add my counterpoint.

    As for the other points, the British gov have been guilty of them all. They also caved into the threat of terrorism when they created the state of Northern Ireland in 1922

  7. Paul,
    A sovereign state
    whether you accept their authority or not,
    has the responsibility to protect the citizens of a province legally under its control.
    Northern Ireland is legally a part of the United Kingdom, whether you, Sinn Fein or the IRA like it, or not.
    Let’s be clear on this point,
    ANY minority group
    in ANY country throughout the world,
    which is willing to use
    punishment beatings
    and blackmail
    to achieve its ends,
    stands a pretty good chance of achieving their goals.

    This is what happened in Germany after the First World War, with the rise of the Nazi Party. The Nazis were not the Germans. They were a bunch of nasty thugs who managed through violence and torture to intimidate and subjugate a whole nation.
    I personally see no difference in the basic methods used to achieve power.

  8. Whose arguing any differently Agi?

    I’m merely stating that the Brit gov capitulated to the threat of violence when they created, against the express democratic wishes of the vast majority of the electorate, the state in 1922. EXACTLY the point that you made previously.

    As to your points regarding murder, violence, protection of citizens etc you should do a bit of reading on who ran Brian Nelson, the Mt Vernon UVF, The Glenanne gang etc.

  9. Martin,
    in a word.
    But as Paul knows.
    I naievely believe that ideally both sides should hold up their hands to what they are responsible for,
    and then put it away and move on.

  10. It is an outrage that this unrepentant killer is now on the state payroll. But of course there are many others like her in the ranks of the shinners.

  11. Martin,
    explain what?
    That I don’t believe that both sides are as bad as each other?
    First, as Paul knows
    I am English and not as intimately clued up on these issues as others here.
    Secondly for the reason mentioned earlier

    A sovereign state
    whether you accept their authority or not,
    has the responsibility to protect the citizens of a province legally under its control”

    There has been deliberate provocation on both sides as stated previously.
    I believe however that Sinn Fein/IRA has been ruthless in pursuing its goals, and they may now be part of government, but how much of that is due not to the strength of their case, but their willingness to murder, to bomb and to intimidate their own people, so as to ensure “support”?
    That is not democracy, and anyone who has witnessed or experienced bullying will see the connection.

  12. Still banging on about the sovereign state thing, whose arguing any differently?

    Ah, the old “Sinn Fein intimidating in order to ensure support” myth.

    It’s really a clever one as it’s impossible to disprove something which is unproven.

    So how do Sinn Fein know who has voted for them and who hasn’t?

    As to the state protecting it’s citizens read up on the names I supplied earlier.

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