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Here is a song which whilst clearly Beatle-ish is still very strong, catchy and I believe this band’s finest moment .. sing along to the chorus! Plus, having "Avenger" Partick McNee in it was inspired! This one is dedicated to those of my critics who accuse me of being "angry"..lol!

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  1. best English band since the Beatles – a great choice David !

    my critics

    Critics ? Surely not David ? 😉

  2. Mad,

    Mr Donnelly over at Slugger comes to my mind for some odd reason…!

  3. Brilliant!

    BBC used it at the end of their great drama series in 1996 ago " Our Friends in the North". What a shame they haven’t done anything nearly as good since then.

  4. Oasis were great! "Live Forever", "Wonderwall", "Whatever", "Acquiesce", "Talk Tonight", "Slide Away", "Hey Now", all golden greats.

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