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AlanJohnsonMartinArgles.jpgThe competition to see who will become Deputy-Leader of the Labour Party is most certainly exposing the anti-meritocratic class envy that drives the British left. Today brings the news that Alan Johnson – the Education Secretary –  is threatening Independent schools with the "need to do more to earn their charitable status. It’s not enough just to lend their playing fields; it’s about opening up their science labs, it’s about lending their teachers to the state sector, it’s about sponsoring academies and forming trusts." Rubbish. As this Telegraph editorial says…..

Mr Johnson’s tone is worrying. We don’t just want your playing fields and science labs, he implies: we want your teachers to clean up the mess we have made of comprehensive education. And, if you don’t co-operate, then wave goodbye to charitable status and say hello to rates and corporation tax


Independent Schools should of course revoke their charitable status and remove the stranglehold that this gives Government over them. Yes, the increased taxes Government will take from them means that this will remove the bursaries that they provide to children from less well-off backgrounds –  but this is the lesser of two evils. Johnson makes it clear that Labour hates the idea of "Independent" schools – he wants to control, to coerce, to manipulate.

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5 thoughts on “GIVE US YOUR TEACHERS……

  1. This man is stupidly bigoted and spiteful, every utterance seems to be a sneer at someone, or something. His appearance on TV the previous evening was a fine example.

    He fails to appreciate that the ‘class war’ is long over, seeming to enjoy the battle rather than appreciating the victory.

    Without even a pretence of the slightest intellectual ability, he displays all the symptoms of a childish inferiority complex. Bullying and tantrum is his style.

    This is a man that has pretencions to be considered as a future Prime Minister, – and he expects us to take him seriously? – I don’t think so.

    What is is about ‘success’ that irritates these, ‘Old Labour’ troglodytes so much? – is it just a desire to destroy that which they had nothing to do with creating, or is it more likely just a case of vitriolic jealousy.

    He sees, and admits to the failure of public sector education, a problem that his party created in the first place, selling off playing fields – ‘as sport encouraged winners, and we can’t have that’, and many other measures that have totally betrayed the concept of education.

    Now he wants to ‘quick fix’ the problem by stealing ever more resources from the private sector. That he could just steal the ideas from the private sector, by copying their practises and methods, is not good enough, – they have to be virtually hindered and legislated to ultimate destruction, as their continued existence is a reminder of the utter failure of his philosophy.

    This man’s stupidity borders on being evil…

    Rant off, – if I had the time I would tell you what I really think of him!

  2. One thing that everyone seems to be missing about Johnson’s remarks is that is tantamount to an admission that the comprehensive edjukayshun experiment has been an abject failure.

    If, after forty years, the comprehensives are not able to match public schools – something which the old grammar schools achieved in a considerably shorter time – then there must be a fundamental problem with the state system.

    Yet again, just as they did forty years ago, the government are looking at the education system and have decided that they need to change the bits that work rather than the bits that don’t. Back then they destroyed the working part of education – the grammars – and effectively replaced them with failing part – secondary moderns (just as there are some "excellent" comprehensives today, there were "excellent" secondary moderns back then too).

    Now the government plans to wreck the only remaining part of education that works.

  3. The solution which the independent schools have is one word discipline. This cannot be achieved in the state system due to ‘rights’

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