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By David Vance On July 20th, 2011

David Cameron has announced that millions of pounds of foreign aid has been ‘wasted’, but insists this is not a reason to turn off the tap.

The Prime Minister, on a curtailed tour of Africa,  hit out at those in his own party who criticise his decision to pour billions more into foreign aid at a time of cutbacks at home. In a speech in Lagos, Nigeria, he will declare: ‘The aid sceptics are wrong. Aid is essential. It can work and we are making it work”

Nonsense. Of course Africa needs help. It just doesn’t need cash thrown at. As is argued eloquently here by Dambisa Moyo, there is much we can do to help African countries but Cameron has it precisely wrong. He is lavishing OUR cash in order to keep assorted thugs, tyrants, and theocrats in the sort of limos they feel they deserve.

2 Responses to “DEAD AID”

  1. And the worst thing is that the limousines aren’t even British, they are all Mercs. and Beemers!

  2. It’s hard to ignore people who are starving to death. But we have been here before, many times in the past few decades. And the causes are always the same: war, genocide, rape, corrupt regimes and lack of property rights, exacerbated by drouts.

    There is no conclusive evidence that the drouts are more frequent or longer-lasting now than they were 100 years ago, although it is possible that climate change is gradually making much of the horn of Africa uninhabitable, as may also be happening in much of Australia.

    But there is no doubting that the population which depends on that (mostly unchanged) subsistence agriculture has exploded and continues to explode: Ethiopia has grown from (about) 20 million to (about) 80 million since Bob Geldof and Live Aid in 1985. That is unsustainable.