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Timely publicity for the forthcoming movie!

A new report into experiments which transplant human cells into animals for medical purposes said scientists may not be far from giving apes the ability to think and talk like humans. Concerns about the creation of talking apes should be taken seriously along with “what one might call the ‘Frankenstein fear’ that the medical research which creates ‘humanised’ animals is going to generate monsters”, it was claimed. A regulatory body is needed to closely monitor any experiments that risk creating animals with human-like consciousness, spawning hybrid human-animal embryos, or giving animals any appearance or behavioural traits that too closely resemble humans, the report said. Scientists would, for example, be prevented from replacing a large number of an ape’s brain with human cells – as has already been done in simpler animals like mice – until much more is known about the potential results.

I think a major story may have been missed. Evidence exists which suggests scientists have already successfully combined human and animal genes. Here, for example, is a disturbing image of a  human being with the DNA of a jellyfish.

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  1. When scientists are said to be not far away from something you can be sure you won’t see it in your lifetime.

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