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The Vatican has recalled its special envoy in Ireland after a damning report on the Catholic Church’s handling of child abuse by priests.

Papal Nuncio Giuseppe Leanza has been called back to Rome to discuss the impact of the recent Cloyne Report. It showed how allegations of sex abuse by priests in Cork had been covered up. The report led to angry condemnation of the Vatican by Prime Minister Enda Kenny in the Irish Parliament. In a blistering attack, Mr Kenny accused the church of putting its reputation ahead of child rape victims.

Kenny is right and this decision by the Vatican is welcome although I would add that when it comes to putting reputations first politicians are not exactly as white as Caesar’s wife. The Catholic church in Ireland needs morally power-hosed out and those who put the reputation of the Church before the need to protect innocent kids jailed.

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6 thoughts on “BACK TO ROME….

  1. as a catholic this whole scandal and the churches reaction appalls me, these evil bastards should be tossed from the church, prosecuted and then persecuted

  2. I totally agree with your post, DV.
    The Catholic church hierarchy has, for decades, put the desire to protect its own ‘reputation’ above basic justice. Inexcusable. At least some of the past wrongs are starting to be exposed and put right, which is a step in the right direction, I suppose. Still…sigh.

  3. Criminal prosecution and attack their assests as a criminal enterprise. And that is from a Catholic (me). Outrageous.

  4. God be with the days when the British used to kick the Papal envoy out of Ireland.

  5. It is amazing to see an Irish government smacking the Catholic Church leadership around.

    High time, too.

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