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Our cross-Atlantic cousin Troll posted just a day ago on the ongoing investigation into the ‘White House as official gun supplier to Mexican drug dealers’, as a main point in American news along with the crazed/calculating/mad/fascist/terrorist (take your pick) in Norway.

But I wonder how many on this side of that same Atlantic have noticed a complete silence on the ‘Guns for Druggies’ saga in both broadcast as well as newspapers, Red-Top or otherwise? Apart from a couple of small web pages on the BBC, this amazing story of sheer incompetence, illegality and cover-up has been given nearly no coverage whatsoever. I am reminded of the bowdlerized heading which goes ‘All the News that Fits!’.

When Iran/Contra broke, the worlds Press and t.v fell over themselves trying to get a good spot either in front of the Capitol Building or the White House from which to broadcast their condemnation of American Imperalism, of America caught red-handed with both hands in the cookie jar. But do we see legions of television and news reporters covering the Judiciary Committee sessions?  Personally, I’ve seen longer queues to buy ice cream in Newcastle.

We are told what to worry about by the BBC and the major newspapers, and without independent blogsites such as ATW and many more, most of what goes on within Governments, European as well as American, nothing more would be heard. Chris Huhne must have been hoping for just a little more anonymity in his personal life and driving habits, but Guido put a stop to those hopes, and sooner or later, both his wife and himself should be hearing a knock on the door!.

No wonder the politicians want to control the Internet. It is after all, the most powerful news presence on the planet, and where there is power, there is also someone wishing to acquire that power for themselves!

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2 thoughts on “all the news that fits…

  1. Mike –

    No wonder the politicians want to control the Internet.


    The web would have been strangled at birth if governments knew where it would lead. Even so, they have war is declared and governments will not rest until they control it, filter information and block that which displeases them.

  2. thanks for the hat tip Mike, as you say the silence of the press over an incredibly illegal operation that has killed american law officers is outragously silent on this side of the pond also. I have gotten a lot of my info from watching the hearings on c-span and by calling the offices of members of the oversight commitee. If I an unknown without press credentials can get this info, I am sure the press could get much more.

    As for the internet no other creation has done more to bring the people of the world closer together and shine the light of freedom and information to the common man

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