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German men arrested……

German men arrested…..

German men arrested.……….

German men arrested……….

German Muslim converts arrested!


Spot the magic word?

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5 thoughts on “count ’em out!

  1. GROAN … possessing material likely to be helpful to terrorists again. Yeah l’m sure these two are really dangerous … not! lf this info on the computers was so terrifying one has to wonder why it wasn’t encrypted? Ah, yes … this belief that all terrorists are stupid. Give me strength!

  2. Colm,
    “Paranoia ?”

    They are German converts to Islam
    They were arrested by officers from the South East Counter Terrorism Unit at Dover port in Kent on 15 July.
    They have been charged with ‘collection or possession of information likely to be useful to a person committing or preparing an act of terrorism, contrary to Section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000’.
    The men appeared at City of Westminster Magistrates Court yesterday and have been remanded in custody to appear at the same court on 24 August.

    Now, are you saying this particular branch of Plod is being paranoid, or
    “good on Plod for being vigilant; shame on us readers for being paranoid?”

  3. Agit8ed

    No, I am saying that the constant attempts by some people to keep claiming that the media somehow conspire to hide the Muslim identities of terrorists is paranoid nonsense. They don’t. Whenever terrorists claim to be acting on behalf of some Jihad or Islamic reason, that is how it is reported. That is how we know about it. There is no conspiracy to hide this information.

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