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By ATWadmin On November 2nd, 2006

Relieved.Well, we survived day one of the site changeover – hope the trauma wasn’t too bad for you. It was HECTIC at this end, as I expected, with several things not quite right.

I wanted to THANK everybody who made helpful suggestions and I have tried to implement some of these immediately.

For a start, I have increased the font size on all my posts – hope this makes it easier for you to read.

Second, I have now made it possible for everyone to post a comment straightaway and for it to appear without moderation. Sorry for the problem encountered there yesterday, I didn’t realise that moderation had been enabled!

Third, registration is not required. Yet. So relax about that.

Finally, hope you approve of the changes. Nothing is perfect and Squarespace will take some getting used to but it is clean, it is spacey, and I think after a while we will think we’ve always been here!

Thanks for your patience folks!

12 Responses to “DAY TWO!”

  1. It’s already better than the old site – well done David !

  2. David, would it be possible to widen the left-hand column (Recent Posts, etc) somewhat so that the names will not be split over two lines?

  3. TEST

  4. David – can we have time as well as date for comments ?

  5. Mad,

    Leave it with me – good point.


    Will look into this!

  6. Nice work yesterday and today. Mad’s point is well taken. We need to know who is up at 2:35 am arguing that the song Oliver’s Army was a tribute to Cromwell’s masacres in Ireland.

  7. Looking good David.

  8. If the font size on the comments could be increased, that would be helpful (perhaps bolded as well )

    The default font size is teeny-tiny

  9. All very nice! – I will miss italicising the various comments that I am critiqueing. All in all, a good move…

    Let’s hope it lives up to your expectations of reliability.

    Good luck.

  10. Ernest,

    Thank you for your good wishes – your presence here is always appreciated by yours truly.

  11. DV

    The new interface is much "cleaner" and so far seems more reliable. But it doesn’t work any faster, however, that may owe more to my slightly erratic broadband (I’m on wireless which can be notoriously ropey) that the website itself. Good job. Change is often good and often injects a certain freshness and new life into a project.

  12. David

    I’m struggling. I find it much harder to read and having "Recent Posts" as well as "Recent Comments" is confusing. We can easily see what the recent posts are because they are at the top of the screen.