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Fascinated to read that Israel is getting the blame for the wheels coming of the campaign of Irish wannabe Presidential David Norris;

ISRAEL was last night forced to deny any involvement in the controversy that has left Senator David Norris‘s presidential campaign in tatters. His hopes were badly hit over the weekend after it was revealed he wrote a letter seeking clemency for his former partner Ezra Yizhak Nawi, who was convicted of having sex with a 15-year-old boy. Despite the furore, Mr Norris promised to continue his attempts to gather the 20 nominations he needs to enter the presidential race. But many of his backers were silent last night and key members of his campaign team have quit. Key supporter and Independent TD Maureen O’Sullivan said Mr Norris had been “targeted in a particularly nasty way”. As the internet went wild with claims of Israeli involvement in publicising the case, the Israeli embassy in Dublin intervened to deny involvement.

Ah, blame the Jews, the default argument for all too many in Irish politics.

Thing is, it was Mr Norris’s former gay lover who was found guilty of raping a 15 year old boy. That pesky detail seems to be overlooked by some as they rush to conjure up all sorts of anti-Semitic fantasies. Norris chose to use his position to try and get this convicted rapist off that charge and it is this which is the inconvenient truth that some would rather we ignored. In a sense I couldn’t care less who the Irish elect as President but Norris – the darling of the liberal left – is out of the running now.

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  1. Yup, I’ve noticed the Celtic cultural hatred for the lost tribe of Israel.

    I believe it’s fueled by the same sactiminious hatred strong dislike for the American Conservatives.

    People with a strong martyr complex hate cultures with a strong ethos of survival and those who are willing, to fight and sacrifice for their freedom.

    Israeli Jews are the smartest, proudest and patriotic citizens of any country i know of.

    That’s why Obama and his Dumbocrat Socialists hate them!

  2. Since I’ve had the Internet radio, I’ve listened to RTE often enough.

    And I’ve heard this Norris individual being interviewed, and discussed.

    This guy appears to be a absolute moral train wreck .

    This is at least the second connection between him and underage gay sex ( rape ) , the first being when he wrote something explaining it away since the Greeks used to do it.

    Could he have the common decency to go far away and never come back?

  3. I think the Norris campaign rightly is sunk. I would also note that blaming Israel (which is absurd since the man did himself in) is not the same as blaming “the Jews”.

    And when are ATW’s conservatives going to join me in blasting away at Allan@Aberdeen the next time he raises one of his anti-Semitic idiocies. You can’t have it both ways gang.

  4. With a hat tip to Geoffrey Howe, I must say that Mahons “blasting away” at me is like being savaged by a dead sheep.

    In this case, whilst Israelis get involved in murky affairs, I can’t see where they fit into this storm-in-a-teapot.

  5. “Elbit Systems Ltd. is one of the world’s largest defense electronics manufacturers and integrators. Established in 1967, and based in Haifa, Israel, Elbit employs 11,000 people worldwide.”

    Crikey Eddie, I’ve never heard of them ’til your posting. Now I’ve looked at their website I am amzed at what they can do. Looking at some of their unmanned aircraft systems, I would imagine they or something very similar, are the ones being used by the USA?

  6. “Ah, blame the Jews, the default argument for all too many in Irish politics.”

    Eh? I would have thought Ireland has a pretty good record regarding its treatment of Jewish people compared to other European countries (ahem). Anti-semitism is pretty much unheard of here and, personally, it baffles me. Of course, if you are talking about criticism of Israel, that is a different story – although, again, hardly top of the news agenda.

    I think Norris’ campaign is sunk. He always struck me as being an honorable man standing up for the underdog but this letter compromises him and some of the views expressed in it are bizarre to say the least given his commitment to equality.

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