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Liberals – don’t you just love them?

Vancouver health officials will distribute $50,000 worth of new crack pipes to the city’s non-injection drug users this fall as part of a pilot project aimed at engaging crack cocaine smokers and reducing the transmission of disease such as hepatitis C. The program, part of Vancouver’s harm reduction strategy, is expected to start in October and run for six months to a year, said Dr. Reka Gustafson, a medical health officer with Vancouver Coastal Health.

How about handing out some free crack cocaine as well when you’re at it?

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2 thoughts on “CRACKING UP…

  1. I am a drug addict , smoking fine tobacco ; do you think that those kind Canadians would engage with me and stretch to a nice Peterson pipe for me . Em.. thought not .
    Now , for me , that is the best thing to come from Dublin , a fine pipe .

  2. “A caring liberal is always finding needy causes that other people should pay for…”

    It’s not the addict’s fault they have an addiction: society has let them down.
    Ergo! society is guilty, and should pay for their habit..

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