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Pat’s response to those who have called him a racist:

Comedian and lapsed Catholic Pat Condell has posted a number of videos in YouTube attacking religion. This one has led to allegations of racism from the Peace and Justice Commissioners on Berkeley’s city council and to death threats from Saudi Arabia, Syria and, less surprisingly, Tower Hamlets. Hat tip Pub Philosopher. Update: ive just read that Google wont keep this up for long so watch it while you can. Oh and listening to this makes me kind of proud so – i heart the UK of GB and NI (ducks!)

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12 thoughts on “to ‘angry of berkeley’

  1. This bloke has a brilliant way of putting things. Of course is was deliberately overly offensive…but it was also all true.

  2. I should also say that it doesn’t surprise me that Google won’t keep this up for long. They routinely allow evil jihadist videos to stay up, though.

  3. Excellent diatribe agains the medieval superstition known as islam. Now if only a single British politician could show courage like this.

    The irony is that as religion has declined in Britain it has been replaced by a suffocating political correctness which prevents atheist / agnostic politicians from condemning religious extremism for what it is – a form of tyranny.

  4. Not in the least bit offensive! – now if he was Leader of the opposition, I might be persauded to cast a vote.


    What on earth is all this ‘i heart the UK of GB and NI’ crap? Why don’t you say what you mean, when you write that stuff it makes you look like some spotty teen.

    Incidentally, I know you won’t believe it, but so do I, – that is what makes me so scornful, and depressed, when I see so many daily cock-ups by the retards we have in local and national government. I am still amazed at that pic of Galloway in a leotard, – he really is a man with a problem – and yet, he is an MP? – give me the Hon. B’Stard anyday…

  5. I love this guy. Clear headed, straight speaking, telling it as he sees it.
    And he does have guts. Makes it seem so easy to stand up and tell the truth. Love him!

  6. lifted whole sale from the ramblings of some ancient dessert nomad with a psychological disorder? Jebus?

    As for the dormant religous beliefs of England, has he never heard of the crusades. the great reform, read as the ritual murder of catholics and jews. I could go on but i dont think you would believe me anyways

    Sleep well you princes aof self righteousness and princesses of narrow mindedness

  7. Edward – once again! So funny. Read the bit where i said religion and then go on to Google – he attacks ALL religion. And George Bush. You must have missed the bit where he said we bend over for America aswell. Your bigot mask must have slipped all the way down at that point. lol

  8. Pat Condell’s first tirade against Islam has been around on the web for some time, so I don’t see why Google would ‘pull’ his second shot at this juncture.

    Condell is a calm, witty, articulate operator, and I admire his "indefatigability."

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