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How does President Dana sound? Unlikely, I suggest, but not impossible.

There was speculation today that Dana is to mount a challenge for the Irish Presidency. Earlier this year the former MEP, Eurovision winner and All Ireland Talent Show judge said she was not interested in running, but didn’t categorically rule out the option. But today sources close to her are suggesting she has reconsidered following Senator David Norris’ dramatic withdrawal yesterday. In 1997, Dana received the nominations of five county councils and finished third in the contest – polling over 175,000 first preferences votes, or 14pc of the vote. She came third behind current president Mary McAleese and Mary Banotti

Has she a chance or is this merely more ego-tripping but our Rosemary?

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  1. Who cares who is the Irish President. The position is merely ceremonial with no real power to enact laws.

    If Dana becomes president she’ll follow:

    Mary Robinson, an avowed Uber-Socialist who espouses the Robin Hood credo take from the rich, despite she’s probably one of the wealthiest people in Ireland. But then again, aren’t most “Uber-Socialists (right Bono?).

    Mary McAleese, a minor Socialist who is about as memorable as last year’s potato crop. She oozes about as much “authority” as a decaying turnip.

    So Dana will fit into Áras an Uachtaráin very nicely. But then again so would have David Norris, high heels, mascara, Gucci handbag and all!

  2. She hasn’t a hope. Her little old lady version of Daniel O’Donnell will only appeal to…little old ladies who like Daniel O’Donnell.

    Compared to the dignity and authority of Mary Mac, the current line-up is pretty rubbish. Michael D will win it by default.

  3. Not quite so silly after all. It’s what was said in some circles about Reagan – because of his showbiz past – and he became a great President.

    Incidentally I watched (accidentally I may add) the very same lady on Songs of Praise the other Sunday and instead of immediately switching it off I was impressed by her. Who knows, she might have a lot more common sense than some who have passed themselves off as Presidential material, and I don’t mean just in Ireland.

  4. These who said that about Reagan were completely misinformed.

    He had served as two term governor of California and had I think been four time president of the Screen Actors Guild, once leading them out on a strike.

    He had tons of executive experience before he was elected president- more than Obama, GW Bush and Bill Clinton combined.

    Experience counts – and Dana has none. Of course she’d be running for a job with no executive responsibilities, so she might be perfect for a cushy job like that.

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