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By ATWadmin On June 3rd, 2007

Did you see that Park benches across the UK will have to be replaced at a cost of hundreds of thousands of pounds – because they are too low? Under new "health and safety" laws, benches must be more than 17.75 inches high so the elderly and disabled can get off them easily. The new rules came to light after Bramcote Crematorium in Nottinghamshire was told by officials from the local Broxtowe council to replace 40 memorial benches costing £400 each.

An inspector found that the benches were 14.75in high – 3in lower than the "allowed minimum" height and 5in lower than the "optimum" height. The crematorium has also been ordered to pay a further £200,000 for lighting, because, under the same legislation, the new benches must be lit at night. Kevin Browne, the crematorium’s manager, said: "The inspector went around with a tape measure measuring everything for compliance with the Disability Discrimination Act 2005. Apparently, it means that the buttocks of infirm people are below the point at which they can easily return to a standing position, and 72 per cent of our visitors are elderly. But we also have to pay to put the new benches on an elevated slab, clear enough space at the side to give wheelchair access and make sure all the benches across our 18-acre site are properly lit."


This little story sums up all that is wrong with our society. "Health and Safety" Nazis are undermining almost every aspect of daily life, and whilst the stories always sound wacky, the financial consequences are serious for those at the receiving end of these diktats. Health and Safety should be told to go to hell and the people of this country should rise up and once more assert our right to liberty and freedom.

9 Responses to “THE WAR ON…PARK BENCHES!”

  1. So crematoria are open during the hours of darkness ? I would have thought that daylght counted as "properly lit" ? It would be far cheaper to make sure that the garders are closed during the hours of darkness.

    Also, do H&S really have jurisdiction over disabled access ?

    Alan Douglas

  2. Yet another example of how Councils and Council Officials try to rule us rather than serve us. Who makes these rules and why cannot we hold THEM to account? Why is common sense no longer required as a qualification for posts which impinge upon the public?

  3. I’m shocked, they’ve completely left out special benches for midgets, giants and fat circus ladies.

  4. It’s not difficult to see that this is the thin end of the wedge for home-owners too.

    Your toilet/bidet is well below 17.75 inches high, so if you happen to have elderly or disabled people staying at home; or sell your place to such, you may incur the cost of a replacement.. or a hydraulically operated ‘seat-ram’.

    You know it makes sense.

  5. If I owned that crematorium, I’d just rip out the benches and say sod it, bring your own chairs.

  6. Cynical libertarian,

    that is indeed what will happen, the same goes for all kinds of things that the H&S nazis interfere with, such as egg and spoon races, selling homemade cakes etc.

    Of course they could always stick a couple of bricks under the benches, I dare say this would be cheaper.

  7. Those new benches would be too high for me. My feet would dangle, and when that happens circulation is cut off. Blood clot.

  8. Do you think the Crematorium might realise all it needs do is shovel away some dirt in front of the benches? Naaa – that takes common sense….

  9. Gwynnie,

    do you realise how dangerous using a shovel can be? This needs risk assessing …