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Another instance of the triumph of multiculturalism that SO enriches are lives;

“A School with more than 400 pupils has only four for whom English is their mother tongue. In one of Britain’s most extreme cases, it has emerged that less than 1 per cent of pupils at Bradford Moor Community  Primary School speak English as their first language. The school is in one of the city’s most deprived areas, and 90 per cent of the 417 pupils are from Pakistan. Many arrive at the school unable to speak a word  of English.”

Funny how Pakistanis seem to have such an open door into Britain. Why?

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2 thoughts on “SPEAKING IN TONGUES

  1. Easy- It’s usual for UK ‘citizens’ to marry in Pakistan where the prospect of leaving that Sharia paradise and entering wicked sinful Kuffar land with a UK Passport is so
    appealing. Odd that given the clamour for introducing Sharia here.

  2. If I wasn’t such an old cynic, I would be truly surprised that so many devout Muslims would leave an Islamic paradise for a degenerate, dog loving, pig eating, Crusade obsessed, gay tolerant, sexual equality ridden liberal democracy, ruled by the laws of man instead of Allah the All Compassionate.
    What on earth could entice so many devout Muslims away from a stone throwing, limb decapitating, woman hating, gay hating, one colour fits all, argumentative, slum ridden, untrustworthy, unsanitary, dirt poor, state?
    But really..

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