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Talk about the secret lemonade drinker! 

“Ah, the policemen of Coralville, Iowa, population 18,750, certainly have their hands full tackling crime.  The latest criminal? Abigail Krutsinger,  who is 4 years old.

Abigail’s iniquitous entrepreneurial skills were awakened when she realized cyclists riding across Iowa during the area’s annual RAGBRAIbike ride were really, really thirsty by the time they arrived at the welcoming oasis of Coralville, Iowa, so she opened a lemonade stand, hoping to do a good deed as well as earn a little money for her piggy bank.

But sharp-eyed and ever vigilant police shut her down because the tot had not applied for a permit and health inspection.

It appears Abigail is part of the lemonade mafia that has metastasized across America. Similar crackdowns have occurred all around the country! The raid on Abigail’s free market enterprise, as well as on other suspect business startups, is paralleled by federal crackdowns on bake sales.  Police are intimidating adolescents and dangerous church ladies offering possibly cyanide-laced shoo-fly pies and pumpkin spice cupcakes.”

Great to see policing priorities in Iowa are up to scratch.

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  1. Excellent work by the police. Thankfully they stopped her before she started peddling the hard stuff – choc chip cookies with banana milk chasers 😉

  2. She is indeed living proof that the Tea Party radicalists are spreading their evil nets across the country!

    I mean, Lemonade! She was obviously in training as an activist of the worst sort! She was probably planning to boil water nest, and we all know where that leads!

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