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Lucille Ball Would Have Been 100 yesterday

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7 thoughts on “When Comedy was King, She was the Queen

  1. Lucille Ball, absolutely one of the greats, and representative of a kinder, gentler society. I remember watching her shows on tv with my parents as a family. She had this amazing relationship with her bank manager in “I love Lucy”, where she would bawl her eyes out…
    I was just saying to the wife how sad it is that real humour has gone out of our lives…
    Thank you Lucille Ball for making us laugh, and for being oh so human…

  2. Probably her best ever when she did the crushing of the grapes sketch.

    Class act.

  3. Just found this on youtube…

    She says,
    The important thing in life is our relationship with other human beings. It’s not what we set out to get, but how we go about the daily task of living”.
    Wise words indeed!

  4. Comedy doesn’t often travel across borders or decades that well.

    I’m not a big Lucy fan. Of that era, I guess I’d like Jackie Gleason, but boy that stuff has aged too.

  5. Yea, ya gotta be old farts like Troll and me to appreciate Lucy and other early 1950’s comedy.

    My grandfather use to take me to the majestic theatre in Paterson, NJ way back in the late 1940’s. They had live comedy performances (vaudville) on stage before the movies. That’s where Lou Costello got his start.

    Funny and not a single off colour word.

  6. I like comedy 50’s US stuff is gold as far as I’m concerned.
    Bilko….true genius Mr Silvers. Grouch another great.

    Consider the ‘genus’ (couldn’t resist it) that is ‘Ben (Thatch Thatch Thatch) Elton’. You know the unfuunny man who hounded a true funny man ‘Benny Hill’ into his grave. Will anyone sinilarly mourn Ben Elton’s passing? Not me.

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