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By ATWadmin On June 4th, 2007

I’ve been working with the guys at Squarespace to identify what causes ATW to be SO very slow at loading and to that end, I have just stripped away all external links from the site, as one of these may have been causing us a speed issue. So, can you please let me know if this is making it easier for you to post and log-in? Anthony from Squarespace along with myself would sure appreciate it if you might drop a comment here sharing your experience of this squarespace site today!


  1. TEST

  2. test

    Two minutes to post – though editing is fast!

  3. That post 9Isreali boycott), was much quicker – less than 30 secs. …

  4. Loaded fast, log-in fast.

  5. Think we’ve got it? We’re also speeding up the anti-spam check on new comments later today.

  6. test

    seven seconds!

  7. Be interesting to know which link was causing the problem…

  8. Ernest,

    Once we are sure of the cause, I will re-link one by one until the core problem is identified. Thx for the prompt feedback.

  9. Great improvement, David.

  10. MR,

    "seven seconds!"

    Ok! – but how long did it take you to post?….:-)

  11. Test Post and hitting the Crate Post at 08:48:00

  12. About 10 seconds…ignore the time stamp on the Test…my watch is running about a minute slow.:)

  13. Test #2 using Preview Post first and then using Confirm Post from the Preview

  14. Via Preview Post, about 7 seconds from hitting the Confirm Post button.

    Looks good.

    Why though does the presence of external links slow things down? They’re just a collection of static URLs I thought.

  15. Site loaded fast, this post loaded fast, let’s see comments…

  16. Much much better

  17. If this keeps up, I’ll come back to play more often!

  18. Do so Daphne – we need a good fast interface so everyone can post without endless delays!

  19. At the moment it is very good – but will it last?

  20. Peter,

    Step by step..!!!!! It does seem a lot faster.

  21. Working well.

  22. testing

  23. took 30 secs for that test post

  24. 5 secs for that one

  25. Test

  26. Took 3 seconds to post that. But that is very quick for me.

  27. test

  28. Sometimes fine, sometimes slow, very slow and a couple of cannot find server messages and lost posts.

  29. Testing (not logged in)

  30. 7 seconds. Now I’ll log in…

  31. Login was as fast as can be expected (a few seconds). Testing comment made while logged-in…

  32. 6 seconds. That’s better.

    I’ll bet it was the "Never forget what happened" 9/11 banner thingy that was causing it. That has slowed down many web pages in the past.

  33. Ah… My post on the Boris thread took a good 90 seconds to load, but other web pages I have open in other browser tabs, refreshed fine while I was waiting.

  34. Really slow loading post, lost it actually and had to start again. slow with comments again…sorry

  35. Alison,

    I noticed it slowed from about 5pm, hope Anthony at squarespace picked up on this.

  36. It is slighty better tonight, some comments posting quickly but one of my comments took almost 2 minutes to load – perhaps it was the shere intellectual weight of it 😉

  37. test – 22 seconds

  38. Ok — so when we’re talking about site speed, everyone is referring to comment posting time. Try it now.

  39. test

  40. here i go again

  41. 6 seconds the previous one

  42. that was pretty quick, 5 secs or so

  43. 4 seconds that one

  44. Testing One Two Three

  45. Twelve seconds.

  46. mahons

    Well your post does have to travel across the pond.

  47. Twelve seconds! If only I could hold out that long.

    Colm, I forgot to factor in the transatlantic cable delay.

  48. Ok — even better now I think. Test test.

  49. Down to 2 seconds for me.

  50. Test 🙂

  51. We found something peculiar in the sidebar mid-day. The issue (I think) was that the re-rendering of the site AFTER a comment was taking a bit, due to a configuraiton item.

    Please continue to provide feedback here —

  52. This is my test of it.

  53. About 3 secs.

  54. let there be speed

  55. 4 seconds

  56. test -seven seconds

  57. Test:
    Cure fan: seventeen seconds…(feels like 100 years)
    Old Skool dance fan: only 40 miles away (from love)
    Depeche Mode fan: any second now
    Human League fan: Seconds
    Motown fan: 1 second (that emotion)
    Strokes fan: 12:51
    Blondie fan: 11:59

  58. but will anything happen???

  59. Neneh Cherry and Youssou N’dour fan – 7 seconds

    Gene Pitney fan – 24 hours

    Sinnead o Connor (or Prince ) fan – 7 hours and 15 days

  60. Horribly slow to post this end.

  61. Really, really slow to post the initial comment for me. A couple of minutes. Subsequent comments do not take that long to post.

  62. Oh dear!!

    Just as slowwwwwww as before and just as erratic. My last post to this thread also just disappeared I know not where.