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As Hackney and Lewisham feel the vibrancy, Old Holborn makes a fair point:

WE created this. WE told black kids it was OK to be a gangsta. We protected them from the consequences of their actions under the banner of equality and diversity. We told them it was fine to act and behave as a lawless thugs as if challenging that behaviour would somehow offend them […]

Whilst “da bruvvers” are celebrating an intake of free widescreen TVs, those who defend them by inaction against their lawlessness are preparing to complain to me that no businesses or jobs will come to the areas they trashed. And it will be my fault. Again.

Already the “community leaders” (always evidence that place is beyond hope) are hogging the cameras. That Al Sharpton wannabe Lee Jasper this morning held court on Sky News, bleating on about the “rage and frustration” communities feel. Rage and frustration for what? Ever since Scarman surrendered to thuggery, inner city ethnic crapholes have received hundreds of billions of funding. They have “community leaders” and youth centres and “BME Outreach Programmes” coming out of their ears and they’re still crapholes. They’ll still be crapholes tomorrow  when they’re ashes.

If you’re going to skip school and become a mugger before you hit puberty, don’t be surprised when no-one gives you a job. If you can’t speak English properly, no-one will give you a job. If you dress to intimidate, no-one will give you a job. If all you can do is open your beak for a state feed between rioting every generation, you’ll be stuck always in your inner city craphole.

If you want better in life, if you want to be able to buy those snazzy trainers instead of twocking them, if you want to lose the “rage and frustration” then get off your arse, learn some respect and work for it. No-one else is going to do it for you, if you can’t do it for yourself you deserve all you get.

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9 thoughts on “ATW QUOTE OF THE DAY

  1. Hold on a minute!
    WHO told them it was okay?
    Not me. Not the silent majority of decent law abiding Brits who hate to offend anyone..

    I think Pete..(hooray! got your name right again.)
    you are referring to the bleeding heart, ashamed to be British, ashamed of our Empire, ashamerd of being white AND middle class white people, who purge their guilty consciences on the backs of British taxpayers..
    Am I right, Sir?

  2. Agit8ed –

    As a culture we did. British society would once have asserted the many soft social pressures which bring people into line, but the state knocked that habit out of us with its social laws.

    As a Conservative Party voter, I’m afraid you share responsibility.

  3. Pete,
    not only am I proudly modest about what I have done with my life, I am also grateful that after having served my community as a Tory town councillor I came to the realisation that voting is a waste of time, and what we really need is a revolution… 🙂
    I therefore refuse to accept the guilt you are attempting to burden me with……

  4. You were a Tory councillor?! I’ve been too polite.

    You have no mitigation. You have served, bolstered and perpetuated the most treasonous of political factions in our country. The Tory Party has been the main obstacle blocking the formation of a truly patriotic and conservative party. God willing, the party will be destroyed soon and Tory HQ buried under salt.

    If I’d ever been a member of that rabble I’d burn with shame.

  5. YOU are trying to shift all the guilt you harbour for raging against the system when you know darn well you couldn’t live without it,
    you young whippersnapper.

  6. Pete

    For years, you’ve called the police and any other security forces names, and you’ve said that the government had no right to levy taxes to fund the police forces in the first place.

    And you’ve said that the state had no right to tell anyone what to do, which would presumably include not telling them to refrain from embracing ” culture ” which extolls the ways of criminality.

    You hold a terribly weak intellectual hand on this issue, or any issue touching on security or public order, and may want to comment on other things, as the outnumbered ” jackbooted government thugs ” restore some modicum of order on the streets of London tonight.

    They, what the Americans at times call the ” thin blue line ” are all that separates you ( and we ) from the law of the jungle. Some of us have always known this.

    It is noted that the police have said that images from public cameras will be used to track down and prosecute some of the rodents down. That is one of the reasons they are there

  7. Phantom –

    Yet again you can imagine life only as you have known it.

    No, the state has no right (plainly, it does not) to loot anyone for any purpose. In my world, however, there will be no need to do so. If you think in my world there won’t be revolutionary you haven’t been paying attention.

    Now all that seperates your fellow man from your behaviour might be the police, but I know how to behave. When I’m in charge everyone will behave.

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