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Chaos is spreading across London this evening as rioting scum take to the streets again, when darkness falls things may get worse. What started in Tottenham has now spread out, and other cities such as Birmingham are reported to have possibly similar problems. You want to why we have this scourge?

“Everything in our system, from our schools, to our justice system, to our welfare system, to the blood in our veins says “it isn’t your responsibility”, “nothing is your responsibility”. When I speak incessantly about people taking responsibility, whoever you are, a teacher, a father, a mother, an ordinary citizen, I am lambasted. None of us believes in personal and collective responsibility anymore. Already, people are saying that these riots are the fault of the cuts. It is as if we are all brainwashed into never holding anyone to account for what they do!

While the perpetrators of the violence last night are of course responsible for this atrocity, that doesn’t let the rest of us off. We too are responsible for these riots because we have allowed a culture of moral relativism to rule, where anything goes, where we refuse to hold others and ourselves to account. Mark my words: if we continue to deny the part we play in this, there will only be more riots to come.”

One of the most interesting observations about WHERE the riots are taking place is that they are all in LABOUR supporting areas. Well, these are the places that embraced the rich multicultural experience, now they can live with the consequences. Enjoy.

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55 thoughts on “THE GUNS OF BRIXTON….

  1. Did someone disband the fire brigade?

    There are riots in Hackney, Lewisham and Peckham. Buildings, cars and buses are burning all over. Half of Croydon looks like it’s going up. Clapham Junction is going up, Ilford and elsewhere have fires – and I haven’t seen a fire engine yet.

    Some fella on Sky News is saying police are having to come in from all over because “only a tiny fraction” of London’s 30,000 coppers are trained in public order control.

    We’re taxed more heavily than ever before so we can give £5million a year to families of Palestinian terrorists while half of London looks like a war zone!

    And what does the acting chief of the Met say? They’ll “publish photos of the perpetrators”. Big deal. They’re going to show the photos. That’ll have the scum running.

  2. Phantom –

    Yes, the fire brigade (and paramedics) aren’t allowed to go to any scene until our yellow police tell they can. These are the cowards who stand back while daylight looting and arson goes on in front of them.

    Have a look at the “Live Croydon” Sky image here. That building flickered for a while, then burned and now the entire corner block is ablaze. It’s been alight for a good 90 minutes with a police van or fire engine in sight.

    Well, frankly, fuck it. The police and fire brigade have never been so well paid. The fire brigade have been on strike in recent years for more pay. This is what they call service?!

    Before anyone asks if I expect them to put themselves in harm’s way, yes of course I do. That’s the point of the job. If you’re too yellow, take off the badge, go home and make room for real men.

  3. There is mass-looting in Hackney, Peckham, Lewisham Clapham (Debenhams trashed and emptied) and also in Birmingham.

    This is a complete breakdown in order, orchestrated on social media. The police sholuld be using water-cannon with indelible dye, so that perps can be identified weeks later if need be. Also snatch-squads. The lawless underclass need to be confronted 100%. If the police cannot do the job, the army should be used as backup.

  4. The fire brigade is well prepared to fight fires and to go into burning buildings to do so, but they are not equipped or trained to do so when people are shooting at them.

    I cannot expect them to do that.

  5. Cameron has cut short his holiday and will chair a Cobra meeting tomorrow.

    One thing is clear – the police have been far too passive. They need to get stuck in and take the fight to the thugs. They should be arresting hundreds, not dozens.

  6. I read in today’S NYT or WSJ that there has been talk of America’s Bill Bratton, who accomplished so much in NY and later in LA to take the top cop job with the Metropolitan Police

    I guarantee you that under his leadership that passive policing would never occur.

    Everyone has the right to protest, no one has the right to riot or to burn or to attack others.

  7. Peter –

    Even after the widespread criticism of a too-passive Met during the demos/riots a few months ago in London, they’re still paralysed.

    Cameron’s been playing tennis in Italy, Boris Johnson’s not yet back from wherever he went and there’s just an acting chief at scotland Yard. It’s as if no-one has the balls to make decisions and take responsibility.

    There’s still no fire brigade in Croydon! The block’s entirely ablaze with houses nearby.

    … Sky News has just announced that the military won’t be mobilised – yet. I doubt we have any left at home anyway.

    What the fuck are the doing with all our tax money?!

  8. Phantom –

    The Home Secretary (Theresa May) put the block on Bill Bratton. It might have been a Cameron PR stunt and Bratton would have had to operate under our laws and restraints, so maybe he’d have been more restrained here than in NY or LA.

    The Home Office has controlled the police for fifty years and appoints its own people to senior positions.

  9. Call me a broken record if you wish, but you need a Giuliani ( and Bratton ) and you don’t have them

    NYC was going in this direction in the 1970s and 1980s, before we put an abrupt halt to days of grace and passive policing

  10. re tax money pete moore:

    you do not have to be a card-carrying Left-winger to see why millions of people — not just in Britain but across the world — feel completely cheated.

    When most of us contemplate the results of the bankers’ greed, for example, talk of ‘fair incentives and rewards’ seems a sick joke.

    In every corner of Europe, ordinary families, through absolutely no fault of their own, are paying an intolerable price for the outrageous avarice of the financial elite.

    Recent figures show that City bonuses came to a staggering £14 billion last year, with one executive, Barclays boss Bob Diamond, pocketing an incredible £6.5 million — and that’s on top of his £8 million-plus annual pay package.

    Yet at the same time, banks are refusing to lend to ordinary families and small businesses.

    Capitalism in crisis

  11. There has been some looting on the Walworth Road which is not too far from where I live and I can hear a lot of police sirens, but it’s very quiet where I am . I sometimes wonder if the endless breathless 24 hr coverage we can now get on SKY helps to encourage these riots. They show a constant loop of the most violent scenes as if they are saying “Come on we need some fresh violence so we don;t have to keep showing the same bit again and again”

  12. If the police do not get a grip by tomorrow night there will have to be military backup. Local curfews may also have to be considered.

  13. tom

    I don’t think it’s the workers or those who want to work who are doing any of this.

    You are making a silly diversion

  14. tom –

    I see that. As soon as the Wall Street bailouts were mooted I saw them for the mega-theft they were. While I was getting my knickers in a twist over what was a Wall Street takeover of government others were cool with it.

    But we’re not seeing a response tonight to Bob Diamond’s bonus. This is a long time in the coming. These are the children of Fabians, the offspring of the Welfare State. I’ve been getting my knickers in a twist over that too for a while.

  15. Thanks David, I’m fine. Tucked up in my bedroom with my laptop and nice cup of tea , watching it all on our dear old BBC 😉

  16. It is NOT anything of the sort either Pete. You are twisting everything to fit your theories

    The true root causes of this?

    Decades of bad immigration policy

    Years of bad police policy

    You don’t need to go one inch beyond those to to completely address this.

    There are patterns that even a blind man can sese here.

  17. “If the police cannot do the job, the army should be used as backup.”

    Ho ho!
    What army?
    David Cameron’s getting rid of them as fast as Brussels tells him to..

  18. Phantom –

    If alot of immigration alone were responsible, your country and half of Europe would be in permanent riot.

    Conservatives and (genuine) liberals have long seen decline because of welfarism. The old Left even warned against it. Well here we are. Some people have been right all along, I don’t think they should hide it now.

  19. “I sometimes wonder if the endless breathless 24 hr coverage we can now get on SKY helps to encourage these riots”
    there’s some truth in that, but even more in the fact that multicultural harmony and a broke economy do not work well together. Decades of benefits fed complacency have come to an end, and now we will have to face the consequences of our politicians’ folly.
    Make sure you stay in, keep the doors locked and get busy removing the security tag from your new laptop!

  20. Read what I said again, slowly.

    And France had a very prolonged riot not long ago, and there were nearly no French people involved in it.

    Your free immigration governments have imported your own race problem.


    And do check the gang and drugs element of what we see today. That’s not welfarism – that’s gangs and drugs and policing issues at play

  21. There will be further white flight from these areas after this. This will reinforce their ghetto status.

  22. Agit8ed

    I heard that Pete Moore looted his local Post office – and ran out with a TV licence 🙂

  23. This is how Detroit and Newark and Cleveland got depopulated

    I am very sad to see this.

    It did not have to happen

  24. Colm –

    If I lived where you do I’d have a bag by the front door and cash in my pocket. You might have to get out of Dodge quick.

  25. “I heard that Pete Moore looted his local Post office – and ran out with a TV licence :)”
    Nice one Colm!
    Stay safe.

  26. Can you believe this stuff?
    I’m watching BBC news online.
    There is no way the police can contain these mobs, and evidently the groups are communicating by Blackberry mobile phones
    -berry clever…

  27. One thing I would say is that the Police are no longer a Police Force, they are the Police Service. I do not think that we can call them yellow but I do think their top officers have lost the plot. They have lost the respect of the law abiding citizen with their constant attention to social matters rather than criminal matters. We need police who are hard but fair and who respect the law and realise how important the law is in a civilised society. We need police who understand the need for courtesy to the general public but who will not tolerate, for example, Saturday night loutish behaviour. But most of all we need a police leadership who know what they are there for.

  28. Peter T
    The police have to obey the priorities of their political masters. One of the government’s top priorities is to keep a lid on social tensions. So the police are told to be “sensitive” ethnic community sensibilities.
    The Police have been moved from enforcers of the law to a quasi social service department -as indeed have teachers in some of our mutlicultural schools.
    I don’t blame Plod totally,
    (although I am no great fan)
    and of course we have to consider what might happen next year with the Olympic Games taking place…

  29. Don’t worry, David Cameron is flying back to London, and tomorrow he will chair a Cobra meeting, in which they will discuss how best to uphold the human rights of the poor little lambs who are rioting. So it’s all going to be OK.

  30. stop blaming this on multi-culturalism FFS
    this is youth rampaging, mostly black/asian not all
    venting anger and rage, and yes looting for free stuff
    the underclass the subculture, those in gangs etc
    those with no stake in society…

    we can crow about responsibility, nice middle-class epithets
    but we have betrayed the youth, the church has , the state has, the banks have
    why believe in the old pillars when they’ve been proved to be rotten to the core.
    I don’t like to see this, its horrid, but until we address the lies in society
    of which you’ll find these kids know quite a bit, we’re going to be all fuckt

    No opportunity, no future,
    where are you David with the clash “white riot”?
    sex pistols no future? its hapening again excpet its with our ethnic british !

  31. I was awfully distressed to read that a rioter, sorry I mean protester named Ibrahim Al-Izaz has hurt his little finger while throwing a petrol bomb, because the glass shattered and he didn’t have access to a Community Outreach Empowerment Officer. Plus, a policeman looked at him in a threatening manner. This can only inflame the situation.

  32. What have the “non-ethnic British” (whatever that means) got to do with this? You’re always blaming it on them lot. In all the footage I’ve seen of these riots, I’ve had to turn down the brightness on my monitor screen, as there’s so many white faces it just makes my monitor overload, which is bad for the environment as it has to display such a lot of brightness on the screen.

  33. Agit8ed, much of what you say I agree with. However, we are told that the police have indepedence when it comes to operational measures. The police have become “sensitive” to ethnic community sensibilities which, in many cases, has come from the results of judicial enquiries where consideration of what I consider proper police practice has taken second place to policies directed at social engineering. The proper purpose of the police is to uphold the law without fear or favour but, like you, I am not sure that they accept this. A pity really because this is a creed they could live with and be proud of. Politicians, of course, are politicians. Enough said about them.

  34. I hate to say this, but I wish that the odd black youth (just the odd one, mind) would take part in these riots, because they are the ones who have all the problems with the police (so I’m told) and it’s so unfair and they are such victims of the system man. But they all seem to be sitting at home watching TV while all this is going on.

  35. Peter T – agreed.

    Tom Tyler – what are you talking about? There are some honky faces in there but these are idiot sheep. It started black and most of the faces have been black. It looks to me that just late this evening have whites joined in any number.

  36. pete moore
    take no notice of tom tyler mike cunningham
    they’re in sarcasm mode.. no sense ..just mocking

    I see the extreme right are calling for 1714 riot act
    do they not know there are no prison places.. fools.
    where are you in london?

  37. tom –

    I’m not in London any more. From east London originally, now out in the Essex styx.

  38. alrighty i was born in london 😉
    have to say if i was young, black, londoner
    I’d be out there tonite to get some freebies.
    Fuck it, the society doesn’t give a toss about me
    all its values, promises are hypocritical and false.

    me I’m white and 40-odd, i live by the beatitudes
    blessed are the peacemakers ..
    at least I’ve found something REAL to live by
    keeps me going ..

    I’m listening to the reports
    but I tell you what, the crap we’re going to hear
    from politicains etc in the next few weeks has no interest for me
    all BS, hand-wringing, build more prisons.. oh god I can’t bear that.
    I’ll be spending my time learning about how to programme my Router

  39. tom –

    There are horror stories out there and the police have completely lost control of the city. I don’t think politicians will have the luxury of hand wringing after this.

    A look around the blogs and comments on news sites show total, blanket anger. There’s not an ounce of sympathy in the land for what’s been going on. I get the feeling that any politician who tries the usual BS will be making a big mistake.

  40. What??? You mean to say that a black personage has been jolly well spotted at these disturbances? Well, blow me down with the Ashes! Here was I thinking that these, ahem, rioting bounders were just decent bowler-hatted chappies like myself, sporting English gents who have just jolly well had enough with…well, the way things are blooming well going, to put it quite frankly. I mean, this is London we are talking about? I know I haven’t been down to the rose of old Blighty recently, but…?
    (looks again at the BBC footage…) Great Scott, have I got the right video link here? Have I clicked on ‘Zimbabwe Today’ by mistake? No, that is definitely Tottenham, unless they’re using some dastardly CGI foolery…I cannot belie- Who has done this to my birthplace? Who is responsible? And with what disease should they be injected as punishment, rabies or smallpox?

  41. I don’t doubt it pete moore about the blanket anger
    I do know that fire meeting fire just inflames everything.
    you can lock everyone up and down the line we’ll be back here again.

    lets start again with a bill of rights and/or constitution for every citizen
    lets make ownership/a real stake/equal advantage/opportunity a hallmark of the new order.
    so we’ll never have this happen again ..

  42. Meeting fire with much bigger fire is what I’d like to see. The more powerful fire knocks out the weaker one. The police and army should attack this rioting scumshite with no holds barred. Batton the thugs down, crush their skulls, beat them to a bloody pulp.

  43. tom –

    lets make ownership/a real stake/equal advantage/opportunity a hallmark of the new order.

    Who’s hand wringing now?

    Bollocks to the touchy feely stuff. We’ve had that for forty years. We’ve had cuddling and multiculturalism and turning a blind eye to dysfunctional cultures and the pouring in of hundreds of bullions of pounds into inner city crapholes.

    What’s it’s brought us is a city in literal chaos with coppers now admitting they can’t cope.

    What we need now are rubber bullets, streets cleared, the courts working round the clock, no mercy and welfare removed from anyone involved.

  44. pete moore
    I know people are frightened
    but your solutions will also cost billions

    easy solution:
    decriminalise drugs, lets these youth
    produce some of the best hash/skunk available
    they can set up head-shops, pay tax, etc
    crime down by 80%, courts down 80%
    prison savings 80%…. saves billions

    lib dems are debating it at next conference

    you’re not going to get these people proper jobs
    integrate them etc, don’t bother, get em working in the
    cannibas industry full time … high five .. with the accent on “high” 😉

  45. Time for bed soon

    I cannot tell you how sad and angry I am to see what is happening in London and beyond

    This should never have happened. The real damage may be permanent.

    The repeated reports of police treating this with a light hand are beyond disturbing. There appears to be a lack of leadership in the police and there definitely is a lack of leadership in the government.

    The job of the police is to go into harm’s way in defense of the community. Holding back in the face of mass criminality makes things a hundred times worse.

    Your many friends around the world will not be able to understand why this is happening, why it is permitted to be happening.

  46. I agree with Phantom about the police. They need to go in hard against the rioters (and the courts need to send looters to prison for a very long time).

  47. Why not bring in the Syrian army?

    They’d love to get some target practice, since they’re running out of home-grown targets.

    And they won’t need “night-vision” equipment as long as the looting lads are smiling them pearly whites glow in the dark!

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