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I’m sure the Irish people will be touched;

A “Loyalist” terrorist group leader has described President Mary McAleese‘s husband as the “perfect candidate” to take over from her. Senator Martin McAleese got the ringing endorsement from Ulster Defence Association leader Jackie McDonald, a controversial loyalist leader he helped bring in from the cold. “I think it would be perfect for everybody concerned if Martin was to take the position,” he said. Mr McDonald praised the work of Dr McAleese, who played golf with him and other loyalist leaders in locations such as the K Club in Kildare. It was part of Dr McAleese’s efforts to support his wife’s “bridge-building” initiative by breaking down the distrust loyalists held for the Irish Government.”

The UDA is a most repulsive group of criminal thugs with a hideous pedigree and it is to the shame of McAleese that he has so openly cavorted with the likes of McDonald. Ronald McDonald has more credibility than Jackie McDonald.

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  1. The ‘Big M’ for the Irish president. Obviously a stroke of genius. Just think of it. One of the most successful American corporations will now be honoured in the Republic. What is more, if they bring their corporate headquarters to Dublin, the national debt can be eaten written off within five years.

  2. There are few things more vile than when multiple family members get into the politics racket.

    Fortunately, here, it’s a job without responsibilities, so the harm will be minimized.

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