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Just to say that the hard working Anthony Casalena from Squarespace has made some significant change overnight to the ATW site which seems to have solved all "slowness" issues. I am now able to post and comment, log-in and the rest fast as a bullet. Is it OK for you, dear reader? If so, please let Anthony know!

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23 thoughts on “ON SQUARESPACE…

  1. I have just confirmed a post after previewing and it has disappeared/gone/departed. It has definitely not appeared on the tread. This never used to happen until yesterday.

  2. Whoops – tried again with the same result. Lesson – do not preview comment.

  3. Third try to post a comment on David’s Olympic thread. This time I did not review but just pressed the create post button. For the third time the post disappeared. I seem to be able to post to this thread though – puzzled!!

  4. I’ve just tried again for the fourth time and for the fourth time my comment has not registered. Could that be because I start by saying that I disagree with David?

  5. Good – it’s really important to me that you can all comment easily and without any hassle. Seems like Anthony has sorted this one out..

  6. I have just tried again for the fifth time to comment on David’s Olympic logo thread but once again it does not want to know me, why is a mystery as I appear to be able to comment on other threads – I think.

  7. David,

    I have just tried once more to post a comment on your Olympic logo thread and once again the comment went into the great unknown. This is six times now on this thread only. Apart from this one example the site seems to be operating OK.

  8. Thanks to all for making it – once again, – a pleasure to comment.

  9. Just noticed that the "Recent Posts" list on the top left is all out of date!

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