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I found this a remarkable tale of government incompetence! The Department of Education in Ireland cannot pinpoint the schools where second-level students are being taught maths by teachers with no qualifications in the subject.

The lack of information emerged last night as the Government’s chief scientific adviser added his voice to concerns aboutLeaving Cert maths and science results. As many as half of second-level maths teachers are not qualified in the subject, but department officials do not know where they are currently working. A department spokeswoman said it was a matter for the Teaching Council to register teachers, while schools had responsibility for hiring teachers. But after another year of poor maths and science results, pressure is mounting for Education Minister Ruairi Quinn to take rapid action

One could ask where has the Education Department been for the past decades? The very fact that up to half of Maths teachers are unqualified is a bit disturbing given the technical nature of the subject.

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One thought on “THE NUMBERS DON’T ADD UP!

  1. Any figures for grades obtained pupils taught by qualified v non qualified maths teachers? Just asking.

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