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The Nixon Depression + Dollar Destruction + Needed Bankruptcies

The more I see of RT the more I like the cut of its jib. Check out this great interview with Lew Rockwell, Chairman of the von Mises Institute. The host asks intelligent, informed questions which you won’t hear on the corporate and state broadcasters.

Rockwell, a deeply thoughtful man and great champion of free markets, is allowed space to answer and reveal. How refreshing among the sea of ignorant hosts who cannot keep their traps shut for more than a few seconds while a guest struggles to be heard.

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  1. You are aware that RT is paid for by the Kremlin. I am not saying that is necessarily a bad thing but my oh my there is a lot of fuss made about other state sponsored media on these pages and related sites. Maybe when state sponsored media runs stories of which people approve then state sponsored media isn’t so bad after all. f

  2. Geoff – Correct. RT is a pro-Putin anti-Western station that would run a guy like Rockwell. See how many Putin antangonists get equal time there.

  3. Geoff Watts –

    I’m aware of that and mindful of it. When the Kremlin attempts to extort me to pay for it under the threat of gaol I’ll make a fuss about that.

    It would be healthy if we bear in mind who owns all media outlets. For example, many NBC reports can be understood better by knowing that General Electric is a major owner.

    That’s this General Electric.

  4. It would be healthy if we bear in mind who owns all media outlets.

    Ain’t that the truth. For some strange reason, the guys and gals at Fox have almost totally ignored the phone hacking scandal.

  5. Are you quite sure you want to be in the same RT intellectual slum with Allan?

    Many journalists have been murdered in Russia under Putin and his poodle Medvedev. And RT is on the side and quite literally on the payroll of those two.

    I suspect that some of Allan’s descent into near-madness comes from his reading material. You may be salvageable. Be careful.

  6. Peter

    Fox News no longer really pretends to cover any news in the first place. They’re really a Republican propaganda outlet know, and any discerning person has no doubt about that.

    I will again say that the Wall St Journal has covered the hacking story fairly and honestly.

  7. Pete – If the Kremlin ran things in the UK you would finally be under a system that matched your hysteria.

  8. Pete is a free man who thinks he’s oppressed.

    And, living in a free country, he’s quite free to continue to think so.

  9. I’m aware of that and mindful of it. When the Kremlin attempts to extort me to pay for it under the threat of gaol I’ll make a fuss about that.

    Were you a Russian it would already be doing that.

    And since you are perfectly happy to hitch a free ride off the TV licence payers of this country by consuming content that you have no right to consume, I am not sure you are in any position to comment.

  10. Gentlemen –

    We’re not in a closed room. Anyone can read our words.

    Personal comments and one-upmanship are likely to turn off newcomers who might like to comment but are turned off by the serial naval-gazing that goes on in here.

  11. I didn’t click at first that “RT” stood for the freeview news channel “Russia Today”, until I read these comments.
    I don’t know what on earth to make of it all – RT broadcasts an interview with a U.S. supporter of free markets, and gives him all the air-time he wants to express his totally correct views, while over here in ‘free-market Western’ UK, our own state broadcaster, the BBC, would never give him such air-time in a million years! -Huh? Like, Yo What’s up with this s**t? on the basis of this, Shouldn’t the BBC relocate to Moscow, and RT relocate to London?

  12. RT is a breath of fresh air and, as I’ve shown on here several times, it will broadcast what is not allowed to be said on our controlled media. Do not watch RT for Russia – it’s its free and frank discussions on the US, UK etc which make it so good.

  13. It is not free and it is not frank. It is one sided gloom and doom of unending oppression. We see where some here get their thoughts from, just as we know who gets their thoughts home delivered by Fox News.

    RT is capable of producing the odd honest story, as did Pravda back in the day.

    But they are not honest, nor do they ever attempt to be honest, and that’s how they need to be viewed.

    I am well aware of the flaws of the BBC, NY Times etc – but they are absolute paragons of honesty as compared with the Oligarch / Putin / KGB mouthpiece that is RT.

  14. Well, I have heard similar things said about Al-Jazeera’s coverage of UK news. (ie, that it’s better, and far less culturally biased than the BBC’s own coverage).
    Perhaps as a rule of thumb, TV news channels will always be more biased and censored when reporting on their own national affairs, but less so with international coverage?
    I don’t know this, I’m only surmising, posing it as a question.
    Of course, other commenters above are right, in that any news channel sponsored by the Kremlin is not to be trusted off the hoof just like that. If RT is giving airtime to Lew Rockwell, then it’s not because of some warm ideological empathy for the USA, but rather to promote Russia’s agenda.

  15. Tom Tyler –

    The BBC (ideologically) relocated to Moscow a long time ago. It’s known as Pravda-upon-Thames for a reason.

    Since Lew Rockwell is a man of liberty and sound money, it’s an odd notion that the Washington bureau of RT broadcasting his words in America is somehow designed to damage America.

  16. On the other hand, Phantom, I would sincerely warn you against trusting the BBC, or seeing them as somehow more honest and impartial to (say) RT. Perhaps to the casual USA viewer, (who can’t quite “read between the lines” of the BBC in the same way the UK viewer can), the BBC might seem like some paragon of virtue. But to us over here, who are totally aware of the context underlying its reporting, the BBC is as hostile to mainstream UK opinion as a hornet’s nest is hostile to a poking stick.

  17. I see the BBC as similar to the NY Times – they see things from the limousine liberal side of life.

    That’s easy to see through.

    Both still try to honestly cover the news, despite their bias.

    Both the BBC and NY Times would be vastly more honest than RT, which approaches things from a Russian nationalist / Putin point of view, which will always tend to conceal that which might embarrass the Russian rulers, and which only seeks to promote bad news about the US.

    You can’t possibly compare any quality western media to that dreck.

  18. Phantom –

    Plainly you “can’t compare any quality western media to that dreck”. Let me know when we have some.

    The BBC does not honestly try to cover the news. It is as biased a news organisation as there is, but as a sensible man said upstairs, it’s healthy to bear in mind where they all come from.

    I wouldn’t trust RT to report straight on internal Russian affairs, but neither do I trust the BBC to report straight. However, on economic affairs RT has, in a short period of time, demonstrated a far more open and enquiring nature than any BBC, NYT or NBC.

  19. It’s when you say that “[the BBC] still tr[ies] to honestly cover the news, despite [its] bias”, that I can see you have no contextual idea about it.
    It’s the news stories that the BBC chooses not to cover at all, which opens ones eyes up to its bias, even more so than its disgraceful misuse of language in the stories it does, selectively, choose to cover. As I say, you can’t really get much of a handle on the BBC as a USA viewer, you need to be here, and be aware of what’s going on here, to really see through it.

    As for that RT link, OK, I suppose Lew Rockwell’s initial analysis of what is wrong with the USA’s current policies, IS indeed embarrassing for the USA, because it is true. But then, they let him go on to say what the solution is, which would be a very good thing for the US economy. Why would a news channel which wants to damage the USA, let an interviewee suggest good, sound solutions which would help the USA?

  20. You presume that this guy’s solutions are good for the USA

    And all y’all presume that the average British citizen isn’t just as trendy lefty as the BBC is

    I am not entirely sure about that one.

  21. Tom

    One the views of the average British person – if there are any sizable number of common sense conservatives with a plan , you may want to speak up. Organize.

    We all tend to think that people like ourselves are the majority.

    The truth, in the UK, as well as the US, may be that there are no consistent majorities on many things.

    This is where coalition building leaders are most needed. I don’t see any here, and I’m not sure you got ’em there.

    Cheers and good night.

  22. I’ve posted links several times on ATW to Max Keiser’s program which states quite Boldly why the US’s economy is a basket case and challenged Phantom, mahons et al to refute Keiser: they don’t but they blow the usual smoke and fire the usual invective about ‘decline to madness’ simply for watching RT instead of the corporate lies and BS which fill their minds daily.

    Now, with the dollar down to 1/1832 oz of gold (and I remember phantom’s prediction about it not breaking through $1500/oz), it looks as though Keiser and RT are correct about the mess that the US is in.

  23. I see the BBC haters are out in force. They prefer to get their news from a KGB dominated station in Moscow, just because it gives their guys an occasional platform.

    Let’s remember that Russia is the centre of oligarchs, crony capitalism, gangsterism, rigged markets,and murder of those reporters who report inconvenient facts. And be thankful for the basic decency and integrity of the BBC, and the political system that allows it to exist.

  24. RT doesn’t have the credibility f the BBC or the NY Times or the Wall Street Journal, and those who say it does lack credibility themselves.

  25. Mahons – agreed. RT does not have the ‘credibility’ of the BBC or NYT or WSJ. Thank goodness for that, because let’s remember that the UK and US are centres of oligarchs, crony capitalism, gangsterism, rigged markets,and murder of those who report inconvenient facts.



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