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Here’s a video of senior Lib-Dem Simon Hughes demonstrating the sickening dhimmitude that typifies so many of the political class.

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6 thoughts on “THE ENEMY WITHIN…

  1. He has lost his marbles. We could laugh if it weren’t such dangerous talk. When and where did this take place?

  2. A traitor to his country, his culture, and every man, woman and child who has died in the defence of this once great country.

    That he has the temerity to stand up and spout this stuff shows what little respect he has for the electorate, – people have been shot for less.

    All that was missing was a stiff armed salute and a shout of ‘sieg heil’!…

  3. Simon Hughes has always been sinister and a weirdo, but not even I thought he was that deranged.

    Truly, Marxism rots the brain.

  4. Marlloy – didn’t you know about this? If you had visited the website of, for example, those extremists of the BNP who want to keep this country white, then you would have seen and heard those of Hughes’s ilk who want to displace the indigenous Britons (who have been here for over 12,000 years) and replace us with what you saw and heard.

    This is a more in-depth look at Hughes and his allies – quite sickening really:

  5. I’m puzzled here. Surely the UK will be a better place if all in it play a full role in society, regardless of class, creed or culture? Do some people really have an issue with Muslim’s, Sikhs etc playing their part in the democratic process? Do they regard these people as British, or will they ever regard them as British, regrdless of what generation they are or the views they hold?

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