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This is a selection with a personal meaning. When Elvis released this song back in 1989, my mother showed no signs of Alzheimers. Now, she no longer knows who she is or indeed who I am. Tomorrow is her 76th birthday and I’m dedicating it to her. The sad thing is that UNLIKE the song  “Veronica” doesn’t recall anything much in real life. Still, it’s a great tune, Paul McCartney on bass and a brave mature lyric.

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15 thoughts on “ATW FRIDAY JUKEBOX

  1. David

    I am very sorry to hear of your mother’s condition. It must be heartbreaking for you and all her loved ones to see her like that.

    I have not been on ATW this week because I have been dealing with the loss of my own mother who died last Monday. She was 70 and died of heart failure. During a break from dealing with everything surrounding the death I decided to have a glance at ATW and this was the first post I saw. My father is still alive and it still hasn’t sunk in that my mum is gone. To all regulars who still have their parents here I ask that you cherish them while you can.

  2. David sorry to read this, bittersweet times. And the song is lovely. Elvis also talked McCartney back into using his old bass for this one.

    Colm – I feel this forum is difficult to express one’s sympathy in a sincere way but I hope you’ll accept mine. Most of us rarely meet each other but have grown used at least to each other’s “blogging” personality and so have an odd but I hope true type of friendship. My own parents are in their late 70s and slowing down so I do cherish the times. I hope the difficult times for you (and it will ebb and flow) are made less difficult by fond memories and your other family and friends.

  3. Colm

    So sorry to hear that news. Please be assured that the ATW family will be thinking of you at this time, and you and your Dad will be in my prayers this evening.

  4. David,
    A very sad situation for you and so many people, who watch helplessly as a loved one becomes a sometimes hostile stranger.Life can seem incredibly cruel and bleak at times like this.
    we have missed you, and I am sorry for you and your family. I hope your father will be okay, but he will miss your mother so much. Always a sad time when we have to say our last”Goodbye” to a parent. Take care old pal.

  5. Thaks all for your kind words and prayers.

    David, I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned this on a thread that is after all, dedicated to your mother, but I just felt it was the most appropriate place to say it, and as Mahons has pointed out, although most of us haven’t met I do feel many of us regulars know each other and it’s nice to hear sympathetic messages from people I regularly converse with here on ATW.

  6. They invented the phrase ” words fail ” because they do.

    I admire the courage displayed by both David and Colm here.

  7. Colm –

    I’m very sorry to hear about your loss and echo what Mahons and David have said.

  8. David, So sorry to hear of your mother’s plight. I suppose the only (very) small consolation is that perhaps she is not aware of it. It’s you and the rest of the family who suffer most. The important thing now is that she is cared for by kind and caring people and you never know but maybe somewhere deep down she does have moments when she recognises you but cannot express those thoughts.

    And to you Colm I offer my sincere condolences for the loss of your mother. When these things happen it often isn’t straight away that the grief hits so look out for your Dad and take care of yourself too.

  9. David

    I feel for you. I will never forget the day my father didn’t know who I was. It can be hard to reconcile that with the engaged parent you knew as you grew up and also interacted with as an adult.


    My sympathies to you and your family too. You have spoken of your mum before and I am sure you did cherish her and will have co- created many great memories. That doesn’t make up for the fact that you won’t be able to create more but they are still precious. While you support your Dad don’t forget to be good to yourself!

  10. Sorry to come to this a bit late. I’m very sorry to read about your sad situation/loss, David and Colm. Our mothers are so dear and special to us, it’s a terrible heartbreak to lose a mother, be it in death, or the deterioration of health.
    The love which your mothers gave you throughout your lives has not been lost, and has not been in vain; it lives on in your lives, as part and parcel of the decent gentlemen you have become.

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