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Interesting to read that Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan is challenging backbenchers and Opposition TDs to “put up or shut up” when he delivers a three-year plan to cut welfare and increase taxes in advance of the Budget.

He is expected to abandon pledges made by the Taoiseach and Tanaiste, who just two months ago promised there would be no income tax hikes or cuts in welfare payments. His stance marks a U-turn from Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore’s earlier promises on taxation and welfare cuts – made at a press conference in June – on the Government’s 100th day in office. Mr Noonan wants to publish a programme of swingeing cuts alongside new charges and tax increases in October.

It will be interesting to see just how “swingeing” these cuts will really be. The evidence is that despite the rhetoric, the Irish public sector manages to get on quite well despite the inflammatory language from Leinster House. Naturally there should be severe cuts but how can we take an Irish Government seriously on the issue of financial austerity when it has hiked the minimum wage back up to one of the highest in Europe? Smoke and mirrors will not suffice and I am less than impressed with the new Government which strikes me as not much better than the previous one.

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  1. Here’s a cut that’ll entertain you if your sense of reality is somewhere in the Twilight zone after having consumed two-tabs of L.S.D.

    My trash (grey bin) and recycling (green bin) are each collected by the local County Council on a semi-weekly basis.

    Today was trash collection day and my 240 litre bin contained 4-black bags as usual. I dutifully placed the bin at kerb-side at the break of dawn. About 11.00 AM I saw the Council truck stop as I was working in the house.

    About a half hour later I went to retrieve my bin from the centre of the street, where it’s normally placed after the bin men empty it and discovered there were still 2-black bags in the bin.

    I immediately rang the county council and to my surprise was answered by a pleasant woman who listened patiently whilst I explained the situation.

    Her reply was simple (for those of use to simple minded explanations): “The regular pick-up lorry broke down and the Council was using a “hire” lorry. Unfortunately, it has only half the capacity of the regular one so they were only collecting half the trash.”

    Calmly (took lots of will power) I replied: “Makes sense to me. So when I pay only half of my bin-charges next month because my bank account is smaller than normal will that suit?”

    Sound of dial-tone!

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