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The very first time I went abroad, and used my brand-new, shiny passport, the one with the black cover, the coat of arms, and the words inside stating that ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s Secretary of State requests and requires, in the name of Her Majesty…’ it was kind of awe-inspiring to learn that a Cabinet Minister was prepared to go to bat, just for me!

Later on, of course, I did learn that a British passport carried no special illumination which divided us from everyone else, and more so in my own country than many another place.

But this morning, when I learnt that a total of 195,000 people were granted British citizenship last year; I kinda get the feeling that the very idea of British citizenship, the very ethos of being British, has been debased, almost as much as our Currency has also been debased, and for approximately the same reasons.

Commenced by the traitorous Labour Party under Blair, and continued without respite by this bunch of cretins in Westminster, the open-door policy is thinning we Brits to the point where we will be strangers in our own land!


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One thought on “Advance, and be recognised!

  1. Commenced by the traitorous Labour Party under Blair


    Immigration began in the 1950’s and there were very large surges in the 1960’s (Enoch Powell’s speech was in 1968) and the 1970’s whjen Thatcher made her “swamped” speech. And Thatcher did little to stem the tide, despite her rhetoric. I agree that Blair deliberately opened the gates even wider, but most of the arrivals in recent years have been from the eastern countries of the EU.

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