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Did you read about the failed asylum seeker who committed 26 crimes within six years of arriving in the UK who could now win damages after a judge ruled that he had been unlawfully detained by immigration authorities?

Deputy High Court Judge John Howell QC said Algerian Amin Sino had ‘frustrated’ Home Office deportation attempts and been assessed as a ‘risk to the community’. And he accepted that many people might be ‘outraged’ that ‘such an individual’ may be entitled to damages – which would come from public funds.  But the judge said, in a written ruling published today after a hearing in London, that an immigrant’s failure to co-operate with immigration officials was not a justification for detention

Yes it is. So, a criminal who should not be here gets rewarded by our Judiciary. You should read the details of this case in the link attached to appreciate the utter folly of our approach to these illegals and the lameness of some of those on the Bench.

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6 thoughts on “WHY THEY COME HERE…

  1. What is so depressing is that none of our politicians are raising this as a serious issue which needs urgent attention.
    The United Kingdom is being treated by its leaders as the “dustbin of the world”. As a kind of seedy, dirty, drop in centre where the world’s needy can shuffle through; collecting housing benefits and healthcare as they go.

    Once here they don’t even have to be grateful or obey the law. They are free to rip off, beg from or rob the same people who fund this farce through their taxes.
    And not one politician sees anything wrong..

  2. I’m sure that the public is ‘outraged’ but as soon as X-Factor, Big Brother or ‘Strictly’ comes up on the screen of control, all that rage dissipates and the dumbed-down minds revert to neutral. It’s so easy, really.

  3. Move along folks. Nothing NEW to see here.

    Besides you’ve already see this type of situation thousands of times and you haven’t done anything to change a thing.

    And even if a whole bunch of concerned British citizens band together to change the system and fight the Socialist bullshite machine that group will be branded by the ruling elite and Political Correct, bleeding-heart Liberals as a radical, racist, violent and anti-equality Nazi organisation.

    Just ask the “TEA PARTY” folks.

  4. Maybe the “moron” judge should pay these damages out of his own pay cheque… which is probably paid for via tax anyway, but it’s a good start.

  5. Agree totally with Agit8ed,Eddie and Allan@Aberdeen.
    It’s disgraceful, and ( very well put) no bright light on the horizon to correct it.
    All it needs is someone to have the balls to say, enough is enough, deport the illegals, repeal our assosciation with the Eutropean Human Hights act, ( Did I say that liberal wishy washy judicery should be shot? sacked.) leave the EU ( were you asked in the first place?). Review and abolish almost all quangos,( the are only a convenient sleight of hand to deflect blame for unpopular measures from the political elite anyway.
    This alone would produce a landslide for whoever has the balls.
    Sadly we don’t have people like Enoch powell or Airey Neive around any more.

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