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I know that I am personally delighted that we in Northern Ireland have our own Ministers at Stormont whose decision-making prowess makes SUCH a difference to our lives.

Patients face waiting substantially longer for hospital appointments under new Stormont targets. Doctors’ leaders have warned the waiting list crisis is so severe patients could wait up to five years to be treated in hospital from the time they see their GP.

Latest figures revealed that over 15,500 people had waited longer than five months for a first appointment with a consultant in June this year. The statistics provide a small insight into the misery heaped on patients as the Northern Ireland NHS struggles to cope. Until March this year, Government targets stated all patients must have their first outpatient appointment within nine weeks of being referred by their GP. However, Health Minister Edwin Poots introduced a new target in April which allows health bosses to let patients wait much longer before getting treatment.

Poots the younger is, of course, an enlightened individual whose soaring intellect is beyond our comprehension so when he uses his power to ensure people wait longer, much longer, then we should doff our caps in respect and be thankful for devolution and for the DUP who really are making our lives so much..different, if a little shorter.


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  1. Patients face waiting substantially longer for hospital appointments under new Stormont targets.

    And next week, Stormont will announce target waiting times for bread, shoes and newspapers.

  2. Thank goodness for Socialist Public and Private “Service Organisations.

    I was Confused about public/private service until I was fully absorbed in the Irish “Service” network.

    I became confused when I heard the word ” Service” used with these agencies:

    **Inland Revenue ‘ Service ‘
    **An Post ‘ Service ‘
    **Eircom Broadband ‘ Service ‘
    **SatelliteTV ‘ Service ‘
    **Civil ‘ Service ‘
    **State, and Local Council Public ‘ Service ‘
    **RyanAir Customer ‘ Service ‘

    I thought I knew what ‘ Service ‘ meant.

    But today, I overheard two local farmers talking, and one of them said he had hired a bull to ‘ Service ‘ all his cows.

    BAM!!! …………..It all came into focus.

    Now I understand what all those agencies are doing to us.

    You are now as enlightened as I am!

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