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I see that Ireland had the biggest house price collapse among all reporting countries in the Global Property Guide survey over the past year.

House prices were down by nearly 15pc, an even worse decline than the 12pcl fall the previous year. The only European countries which experienced weaker performances than the previous year include Netherlands (-4.07pc), Slovak Republic (-6.49pc), Croatia (-6.55pc), Spain (-8.43pc) and Athens, Greece (-9.88pc). In Britain, average house prices were down by 5.33pc year-on-year, after rising 6.04pc the previous year.

Ireland should celebrate. This is sanity SLOWLY returning. The ludicrous property bubble is still deflating.

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5 thoughts on “PROPERTY COLLAPSE…

  1. They don’t call it a correction for no reason.

    This is recovery, many economies need more of this. It ought to have been allowed to happen in 2008/09 but governments chose to fight the inevitable (with other people’s money).

  2. It’s a buying opportunity for somebody.

    Including new workers who will now have a shot on the property ladder that they didn’t have during the go go years.

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