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By David Vance On August 29th, 2011

This sums up what years of Labour in government can do to the human spirit;

Bosses at a Coventry security firm have been left frustrated after an advertisement for 20 new workers received only two applications. With 10,275 local people looking for work, the hirers at OnGuard24 are baffled by the poor response. The company, based in Coventry Point, Market Way, is looking for people to fill minimum-wage telesales posts.

So, 10, 275 in Coventy prefer to claim welfare rather than lower themselves to the indignity of WORK. Whilst this work may not be for everybody, it seems it does not suit anybody. How many more hundreds of thousand think like this?

15 Responses to “CAN’T WORK, WON’T WORK!”

  1. OOF, OMFG, Sitting at a desk, enclosed in a cubical a little bigger than a porta-loo making COLD-CALL sales. And for minimum wage.

    Hell, I don’t blame them for hauling their arses to the dole office.

    Cold call selling is definitely the most mind rotting experience any human being could have.

    Take me for example.

    My former company forced me into a 6-month stint of cold call selling. I was a perfectly normal, happy-go-lucky, rational individual before.

  2. “I was a perfectly normal, happy-go-lucky, rational individual before.”
    Don’t believe you Eddie.
    Judging by your postings, you’ve always been a miserable old git.
    Anyone could be forgiven for taking you for a grumpy near 70 year old. Go give your teeth another soaking… 😉
    Agree about the cold calling though…

  3. The company, based in Coventry Point, Market Way, is looking for people to fill minimum-wage telesales posts.

    You understand the way markets work David. If you don’t offer enough money you won’t get what you are looking for.

  4. Adjust the welfare benefit and the ” competition ” changes.

  5. Fews

    Phantom deals with your point succinctly.

  6. That’s just the point. Who in their right mind is going to take a rotten job like that when it pays less than the dole. Of course the welfare benefit should be adjusted to make it worthwhile going to work particularly if there’s a family to support.

  7. If our government really cares about getting British people off benefits and back to work (har-bloody-harr..)
    they could consider making the benefits they now receive a compulsory component of a wage paid by an employer. Even if it still costs you and me in taxes, at least we’re insisting these people work for a living.
    Then they stop importing unemployable people to the UK. If they don’t want to do this because it harms their “charity cred” let the smug little politicians set up their own ‘Refugee UK’ charity using their own money, and any spare rooms they may have to house them….. 🙂

  8. Typical capitalist ruthlessness from you David. Avoid paying these people a decent living wage, just keep the money for yourself. And after smearing them as work-shy scroungers you could “adjust” their benefits downwards so they are forced into slave-labour jobs like these. Why the hell not pay them wages good enough to let them pay their rent or mortgage and maybe enable them to save for better lifestyle choices like a decent fridge or bed or something. That would help stimulate the economy as well, wouldn’t it!

    No wonder there were riots…

  9. lol Mike

  10. Mr. Tyson

    This is not a high skill job we’re speaking about.

    What do you think that the weekly / annual wage should be?

  11. Well Erik, you must remember that the British industrial empire was built on the backs of those who were not highly skilled. Would you not regard them as having been of great value.

    I cannot give you a figure, but you already knew that. All I can say is that it should be enough for a person to feed, clothe and shelter themselves and their family and provide them with a means to contribute some small measure of wealth back into the economy. Do you not think you’re fellow citizen should be entitled to participate in society in such a way?

    Slave labour companies such as this, “OnGuard24” have already factored in the decision to pay their staff the minimum wage when negotiating for any contract that comes up for tender. They think people are that desperate. I’ll just bet they also have a stipulation in their employee contracts preventing workers from forming or joining a union. The same bosses, who are no doubt on a maximum wage, are then completely baffled when no-one wants to accept their shitty offer.

    Like I said, rioting almost seems a better way of redressing that imbalance…

  12. Iron Mike

    Don’t be so coy with the “almost” in your last sentence, comrade.

  13. Yes sir boss sir!

  14. Is there any sort of date set in stone when we can stop blaming the past government for the nations ills and star blaming the current crop of incompetents in Downing St? Did state benfits not exist in Thatcher’s and Major’s day?

  15. These rioters had nothing to do with jobs or wages. That’s all bullshit.

    The prospect of a 9 to 5 job would terrify this lot more than a ten year prison sentence.