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For years now the UK  has been a preferred destination for the criminal class who have sought to make a mint out of our open borders.   They often succeed.

“Fraudsters  smuggled a gang of Africans into the UK to carry out a benefits scam that netted a gang at least £1million, immigration officials revealed last night. The suspected ringleader, a 47-year-old Ugandan woman, was arrested in a series of dawn raids yesterday along with seven accomplices.

Officials believe she brought fellow Africans to the country and set them up with false identities specifically to target the welfare state. It is not yet known if the woman is an illegal immigrant but UK Border Agency officers said she was claiming various benefits under four separate identities.

The unnamed woman was found with both British and Ugandan passports. Work is under way to determine her true identity and immigration status. Yesterday, chief immigration officer Jon Bradbourne said the gang’s crimes could be traced back 20 years and involved stealing massive amounts of public money.

I am sure the Human Rights  brigade will be already filing their legal argument that says the un-named people smuggler is a victim herself and that if it is proven that she is an illegal she must stay here in the UK, at our expense.

I would have her placed on the next plane to Uganda, steerage class. We need people like her OUT of this country if we ever are to restore some sort of sanity when it comes to border controls and the rule of law.

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  1. Yesterday, chief immigration officer Jon Bradbourne said the gang’s crimes could be traced back 20 years and involved stealing massive amounts of public money.

    Oh I don’t think so. Maybe they “fraudulently claimed” the loot, but it was already stolen when they did so.

    Incentives matter. Wildly looting the population and flinging the cash about will induce some people to commit fraud to get it. The solution then is for the state to stop its looting. All the problems around fraudulently claimed welfare and foreigners coming here in their droves to get in on the act stem from the state’s own acts first of all.

  2. Immigration is the gift that keeps on giving isn’t it. Housing shortages….transport infrastructure swamped, Unemployment, benefits culture etc. Sheesh…we really need more immigration don’t we.

    I remember a golden age when British taxpayers were only fleeced by British subjects…and British politicians. Beeldin foreigners coming over here and taking decent British Fraudsters jobs. Where will it all end.

  3. Look,
    I repeat,
    NOT fraudsters.
    They are in fact PRACTITIONERS
    I said, Practitioners of the ancient art of DECEPTION in order to triumph over
    their enemies and weak people
    who deserve to be decepted.
    These servants of a sacred
    I said,
    are here by invitation of your Patronising and All Knowing Leaders,
    which you asked, I said ASKED to reign over you through boxes and crosses.
    Do NOT question the WISDOM of your leaders!!
    Is cultural Diversity..

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