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Ten years after 9/11, renowned philosopher Katie Couric weighs in with the big question; Isn’t it time for a USA  Little Mosque on the Prairie?

Influential American broadcaster Katie Couric has suggested a way to change attitudes to Muslims in the US. Pointing to the success in the 1980s and 90s of TV sitcom The Cosby Show in improving relations between African-Americans and whites, she argues that a Muslim version of the show may counter some Americans’ negative perceptions of the community. But just across the border, in Canada, this “Muslim Cosby Show” already exists. Little Mosque on the Prairie, made in Toronto, is recording its sixth and final series. On the set, actors and crew are getting ready to record this season’s big opening scene.

I like the way Katie thinks we need to change OUR attitudes to Muslims, not the other way round!

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  1. Couric being absurd.

    One can only imagine the American Little House of the Prarie being shown in the Mideast – the denunciations of Laura and Mary attending school (with a female school teacher), Mr. Edwards being denounced for drinking, the fatwas over the fact that the woman are scantily clad in bonnets and long dresses, demands that Nels Olsen cutting off the hand of anyone who steals a penny candy from the mercantile, and calls for Charles Ingalls to be killed for raising hogs.

    Of course certain Imans in the Arab World denounce the show for also portraying so much wealth and unheard of modern conveniences (butter churn, outhouses and horse and buggy).

  2. Couric is the chirpy Palin of TV anchors

    You can walk through her deepest thought without getting your ankles wet

  3. Phantom,

    I wouldn’t pee on Katie’s nose the morning after eating 2-pounds of aspharagus and washing it down with a quart of “Iron City” beer.


    On second thought, it might just be a fun thingy.

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